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10301 grosvenor place bethesda md homes

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10301 grosvenor place bethesda md homes

Avalon Grosvenor Tower Apartment for rent in North Bethesda, MD Grosvenor Place North Bethesda, MD New Properties on Rentable. Location. Grosvenor Pl, North Bethesda,. MD North Bethesda offers residents a wide variety of apartments, houses, condos, and townhomes. See apartments for rent at Grosvenor Tower in North Bethesda, MD on Grosvenor Pl, North Bethesda, MD Request to apply. MY ETHEREUM WALLET ADDRESS

Grosvenor has engaged Bozzuto Management to oversee day-to-day property management. North Bethesda, a vibrant suburb of Washington, D. Grosvenor Tower was originally built in , renovated in , and includes 80 one-bedroom, one-bath apartments and 2-bedroom, 2-bath apartments. Grosvenoris also currently building a unit residential development at Morse Street in Union Market andis working on a residential and school mixed-use redevelopment project in Georgetown.

About Grosvenor Grosvenor has been an active owner and developer in the US and Canada for over 70 years. We focus on vibrant urban locations, making positive contributions to neighborhoods and communities. Ive been living in this building with my family for seven years, great location, good service, we love Michael, and also we love Autumn, she is very helpful and nice. But unfortunately, since last year, this building is no longer the same as before.

The majority of the building's residents are families with school children or the elderly, that's why it should be safer, this building should not be smoke free, management should explain to all the residents of the building that they cannot speak loudly or have loud laughter during the rest hours.

My big problem is the over-use of smoking that comes from our neighbor. They smoke so much that throughout the day there are many times where my son and daughter's room smells as if someone had smoked in their very room. This is unacceptable and has been becoming a health issue for my daughter who now uses a ventilator when there is too much smell of cigarettes.

We have complained about this issue many times in the past and we have even bought an air filter but nothing has been helping to solve this problem as it is getting worse everyday. Another example of a problem is that one night there was a man that seemingly was drunk or high, who was sitting in front of a unit in our hallway from about 12 AM to 5 AM while screaming and pounding on the unit's door.

I had to call the , when the cops got here, the man started crying and telling them that he had nowhere to go. The cops tried knocking on the door but there was no response. And this has been repeated many times, even last weekend! These are just a few examples that I have encountered so I ask Autumn and also, I ask of the Avalon Headquarter Management to solve and help these problems, especially with the health of my daughter as well as the safety of the building.

The location is fantastic, easy walk to the My Husband and I have lived here for 3 years and have really enjoyed our time. The location is fantastic, easy walk to the metro and drive to Bethesda. The community is kept very clean and there is often fun little events hosted by the office to show their appreciation. I can not say enough good things about the front desk staff. Michael is absolutely fantastic.

She greets you everyday with a smile, remembers whats going on in your life and even has your packages ready for you when you get home.

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