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Geoinvesting blog del

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geoinvesting blog del

Dan David is a Freedom of Speech activist in the global financial markets. a short-biased activist research firm, and co-founder of GeoInvesting, LLC. GeoInvesting provides investors with the tools to make informed He started originally as a gaming enthusiast and online blogger in the. Maj also got a chance to interview Konatel Inc (NASDAQ:KTEL) CEO Sean McEwen. GeoInvesting has already dug deep into KTEL's story, as is. WHAT DOES POINT SPREAD MEAN IN SPORTS BETTING

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Maj Soueidan Presents at MicroCap Leadership Summit 2022

Fortunately, such circumstances create opportunities.

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Geoinvesting blog del Regulators have long fought penny stock fraud in the US. I urge management teams to be realistic when preparing non-GAAP numbers. This goes to show that EGLX could potentially see a huge valuation solely based on their viewer base. At GeoInvesting, Mr. Sounds impressive, right? Mike Fitzpatrick R.
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Geoinvesting blog del Markets can exist with some level of fraud without losing investor confidence. This window of opportunity may only last two more weeks. Online games and interactions have become the social norm for children and many adults, online communities are a more central part of their lives. In both cases, the participating states in the MSA have to approve the application new membership or the transfer request acquisition and the administrative work to establish escrow accounts would be the same MSA-related sources Orion is a manufacturer and distributor of smoking tobaccos, cigarettes, filter link, and smoking accessories with distribution in more than 20 countries. But that seems unlikely given general concerns that low nicotine products will result in people geoinvesting blog del more cigarettes to compensate for reduced nicotine levels.
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Geoinvesting blog del Estimates vary but there are currently between million and m active e sports viewers, and the number is rapidly growing. The research cigarettes are produced with technology licensed from North Carolina State University, and XXII is technically in default of this licensing agreement which means patent rights can revert to NCSU at any time, barring further amendments to the agreement. This is a requirement prior to MSA inclusion for any state tobacco sales, including doing so as a NPM, but does not guarantee inclusion. The company struck as a pure play on Geoinvesting, a small Canadian company in a prime blog del to capitalize on the continuing boom in the online gaming community. Define Your Sell Discipline Lack of sell discipline is where many full-time investors, including myself, have momentary lapses in judgement. This is a hot button for me that I will discuss in another article.

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Depending on different parameters like the production scale, temperature difference, accuracy or expected temperature, there are multiple methods used to apply industrial refrigeration. Refrigerant circulates through an evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion device of a chiller. The refrigerant returns to a liquid state at the condenser. This makes them especially important for areas with high electricity costs.

Generally larger cities are likely to have higher energy bills and electricity costs are steadily increasing every year. Natural gas prices have stayed constant over the last decade. If this trend persists, the potential savings from using cogeneration products should continue to grow.

Tecogen has fitted all their products with the same engine to increase economics of scale and installation efficiency which also allows the company to easily add product lines. The other two revenue segments are services and energy production. Services After selling the natural gas related products, the products need regular maintenance at set time intervals.

Tecogen has 11 service centers that perform maintenance and set up for these devices. The revenue is a recurring base because all devices need oil changes, spark plug changes, filter changes, and occasional engine changes on a regular basis.

This platform aspect of the business allows the company to run its maintenance service operations more smoothly since technicians at service locations only need to deal with one platform. Energy Production When Tecogen acquired ADGE in , it gained an energy production business segment that installs natural gas-based energy generation devices in buildings for no cost and has customers pay to use the energy.

These agreements typically last 10 to 15 years. They promise the customers a lower cost than traditional electric bills and maintain the equipment for free. Although some of this work has been historically profitable, prior to the acquisition, ADGE had some contracts with customers that were not optimally priced and were loss making.

Tecogen has been selling off some of these lower quality contracts to private investors and is now making recurring revenue by servicing the equipment involved in the contracts. The energy production segment is relatively small now, but will be getting more attention moving forward.

It has changed how it markets its products and services, increased its product line, and has expanded its geography. In the past Tecogen was in an inbound engineering sales environment. When a customer needed a product, they would contact Tecogen directly. This was an inefficient system because it relied on customer outreach, which led to limited amounts of new customers. Tecogen has started to focus on direct sales in addition to engineering sales. Additionally, the company is partnering with natural gas companies to find new customers.

Natural gas companies are incentivized to market Tecogen products, because new Tecogen customers will lead to higher sales of natural gas. He is one of the most humble and hardest working, all around stand up guys in the business. GEO has had some amazing calls over the years that makes their service a steal in my opinion. If you aren't afraid of the space and you understand the risk and potential rewards of microcaps.

So far with the information from the GEOinvesting portal I have been able to monitor and understand those shares and navigate the web page easily. The information I am getting from the portal is extremely helpful in understanding why stocks go up or down.

Thank you so much for helping me get started and coaching me through this, I appreciate everything Maj, and the Geo team have provided me with. You opened my eyes to the inefficiencies and opportunities in the microcap market. Looking forward to learning more from you and the GeoInvesting team. Their breadth of coverage, when considering depth of analysis, is the most expansive we have yet to encounter.

Their coverage focuses on actionable ideas. Their analysis includes considerations of timing and most importantly their thesis and corresponding granular support for their views; and they are transparent with respective to their own positions in the names they cover. I am glad that I was able to join GeoInvesting.

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Brian McCann's Investing Journey Continues to Evolve - Avoiding the Crowd with Maj Soueidan geoinvesting blog del

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