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Puck line betting

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puck line betting

What is a Puckline Bet? The puckline is hockey's version of the point spread and similar to baseball's runline. For the NHL, oddsmakers give the underdog an. According to the puck line definition, the puck line is a kind of bet created specifically for betting on hockey. As most hockey games are low scoring games. The puck line is the term for the spread betting option in a hockey game. The puck line is goals for the favorite and + for the underdog. MERCADO FOREX EN COLOMBIA CUANTOS

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Some younger fans may be surprised to learn there was a time when NHL games could end in ties. If you reached the end of the five-minute overtime with no goal, there was no shootout. Both teams received one point, and everyone went home.

For the purposes of your wager, the Flyers are starting the game with a one-goal lead. A wager on the Penguins means they must win the game by two goals or more, while the Flyers must take the game into overtime or win outright. Puck Line Betting Strategies Here are our top tips when it comes to betting the puck line in ice hockey.

Again, you need them to win by at least two goals, but your upside just doubled! And oddsmakers reduce their risk with some money lines that can run up to for the most lopsided games. Again, the price is a one-goal game will be graded a loser. Then, your heart breaks as the favorite prevails on a last-minute goal. Or worse, in overtime. Puck lines give you a chance at the latter option in hockey as well.

When that happens, the betting company that has to pay out the people will be the ultimate loser. To avoid such a monotonous betting puck line, and to create some balance, betting companies set uneven odds. So betting on the favored team wins you less money, while betting on the underdogs can win you a larger amount.

Below, we have two teams — Team A, who are the favorites, and team B, the underdogs. The number on the side of both teams is their betting odds. Hockey Puck Line Explained How to bet puck line hockey? The money line betting is quite straightforward. To make things more exciting, a point spread betting system is used.

A certain number is chosen as a point spread. It is important to mention here that run line meaning is exactly the same as the spread betting. Further Information Does the puck have to cross the line? Case 1. Team A still wins, and so do the people who bet on them. Case 2. So even though team A won the match, the winning bet will be in favor of team B.

This is the basic working of point spread betting. You can also take the help of puck line calculator for better understanding. The betting hockey puck line is a point spread version in hockey. The puck line hockey betting process is almost similar. Here, the number 1. Meaning that after a hockey match ends, either 1. Even though team A won the match, the winning bet will be on team B.

Some of you may wonder why a number like 1. What this does is avoid the bet from tying between two teams. In the Asian puck line as well as point spread betting, the handicap is never taken as a whole number. If we take a whole number like 4 as the handicap, then it means the favored team must win by a difference of more than 4 points.

But if they win with an exact margin of 4, the bet will be a draw between both teams. To avoid such a scenario, the puck line is taken as 1. If the favored team wins with a goal difference of 2, they become the winning bet. If they win with a 1 goal difference, the bet on them is lost. You can also take the help of formulas to calculate goal projections using puck line. It gives a person two simple options: Play safe and bet on the favored team. Risk is low, so is the reward.

OR Bet on the underdogs. On the other hand, the puck line betting makes things a bit more entertaining. Now people will not just predict who wins and who loses. They will also have to consider if the team they want to bet on can win with a certain margin or not. And it even motivates people to be for the underdogs because they can still win the bet even if the underdogs lose the match, but only by a small margin.

There are more factors to consider, which makes the puck line betting quite interesting. This was all about money line vs puck line. Variations of Betting the Puck Line in Hockey There are some variations within the puck line in hockey betting system too.

These are the types of betting that follow the same concept but make a few changes. The most popular variants are reverse puck line and 3-way puck line betting. What is reverse puck line? In this type of betting, the NHL puck line is reversed. What this means is that the puck line of 1.

For the underdogs to be the winning bet, they must not only beat the favorites but do so by 2 or more goal difference. For the favorites to be the winning bet, they must avoid losing by a goal difference of two or more or win the match.

Since the NHL first period odds of underdogs winning by a bigger score is very low, so the rewards for reverse puck line bets on the underdogs are extremely high.

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Puck Line Betting Explained / Effective NHL Puck Line Betting Strategies puck line betting

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