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The vault of secrets geometry dash

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the vault of secrets geometry dash

The Vault of Secrets, the second Vault, is guarded by 50 diamonds. Once you've collected 50 diamonds, you'll be able to go on to the next On the. Geometry Dash · 1. "Glubfub" Unlocks a secret golden coin. · 2. "Octocube" Unlocks a Robot Skeleton icon. · 3. "Brainpower" Unlocks a Cranium icon. The second Vault, the Vault of Secrets, is locked behind 50 Diamonds. Once 50 Diamonds are obtained. Go to the Tool button, which is to the. CRYPTO MONEY TRADIDER SOFTWEAR FOR FREE

Begin by opening the second vault and enter the code: The Challenge. You will then need to complete a level that requires Diamonds to play. After doing so, go to the entrance under the level and speak with the person in jail. After this, go to the menu select and then go to the Coming Soon page. From here, click the blue I and when a window opens, click the ground under the text.

A door will spear which requires a Master Emblem. You will need to go diamonds and go to the tool button on the main menu. Once done, a door will appear on the screen to click. On this screen, click the left to find a green rope, which when pulled, will reveal a Secret Shop. You can then purchase the Master Emblem for orbs. Return to where it was needed, and you can enter the vault and finally enter the codes. You must, however, acquire all three in a single stage without dying.

To enter the vault, click on this lock. Then, in the text area, input the codes. Look in the top right-hand corner of the screen once more to find another unlocked lock. To enter the Vault of Secrets, click on this lock. To begin, open the second Vault and enter the code The Challenge. This will get you access to a unique challenge level, but it will cost you Diamonds to participate. You can then access the entrance underneath this level and talk with the individual who is confined in the jail after this is done.

After then, click on each of the three keyholes that appear. Click the Blue I in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open another window; while this window is open, click the ground under the text box to make a door appear. When you click on the door, a voice will instruct you to obtain the Master Emblem.

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This requires diamonds to access. Completing the level will then open the door in the lower right corner, giving access to the Basement. Trivia Exiting from The Challenge will cause the main theme soundtrack to play instead of the Vault of Secrets theme. When inputting the cod3breaker code for the first time, the correct solution for the code will be permanently stored in your save file. Every number sequence generated afterwards will always evaluate to the same code.

When inputting Spooky's code to get the "Doomed us all! I have heard about you [player's username] the sneaky one You think you can fool me You are deeply mistaken I should have hid this room better You're not supposed to be in here RubRub won't like this Collect 5 demon keys. Press the door in the bottom right corner. Press the left arrow to access the secret shops page. Collect total diamonds by this step, you will have at least already.

Keep pressing the blueish-green rope to enter the Secret Shop run by Scratch. Buy the Master Emblem for Mana Orbs. Go to the main menu and press the big play button to access the main levels. Go to the last page. It will say "coming soon. Finally, you're in! Once the Chamber of Time is unlocked, enter these codes to get free rewards. Article continues after ad Treasure Room The Treasure Room is one of the easiest secret areas to unlock.

All you need is 5 demon keys. Once obtained, you unlock over a hundred treasure chests that can be unlocked with the demon keys you collected and any future demon keys you get. Here is how to unlock the Treasure Room: Article continues after ad Collect 5 demon keys. You collect A demon keys for every Mana Orbs you collect.

Here is how to get demon keys easily. Once you unlock the Treasure Room, you can unlock treasure chests using demon keys. They can reward icons, orbs, shards, or other rewards. Secret Shop Article continues after ad You may be familiar with The Shop, which can be accessed by clicking the rope on the icon select page. However, there are two other shops in the game.

The Secret Shop, also called Scratch's Shop, sells many hidden icons and effects. You need 5 demon keys and diamonds to unlock the Secret Shop. Here is how to unlock the Secret Shop: Article continues after ad Collect 5 demon keys. Collect diamonds. Keep pressing the blueish-green rope until you are let into the Secret Shop. If you need help collecting demon keys and diamonds, here are easy ways to get demon keys and easy ways to get diamonds.

Once you unlock the Secret Shop, you can buy many cool icons and effects. You also need to unlock this shop to access the Chamber of Time and complete the prisoner's quest. Community Shop Article continues after ad The community shop contains some of the coolest icons in the game, having been designed by the game players.

You can unlock it with only 5 demon keys and diamonds, making it easier to access than the Secret Shop, which requires diamonds. Here is how to unlock the Community Shop: Collect 5 demon keys. Press the left array to access the secret shops page. Keep pressing the purple rope until you are let into the Community Shop.

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Geometry Dash's Most Hidden Secrets..


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The vault of secrets geometry dash crypto arbitrage scanner

The Vault Of Secret - Geometry Dash - #2 - ALL SECRETS ! 📖

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the vault of secrets geometry dash

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