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Ethereum wallet showing zero balance

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ethereum wallet showing zero balance

Nonce: For externally owned accounts, this number represents the number of transactions sent from the account's address. · Balance: This ETH address owns a. › Support & Feedback › English. Trust Wallet is not showing balance because you didn't add the token to your wallet yet. It can also mean that the token that you've bought is. CRYPTOCURRENCY NEWSLETTER IDEAS

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Ethereum wallet showing zero balance ethereum library


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What the heck happened?! He looked at my wallet and confirmed it might be similar to his past problem. He opened his wallet and saw the same symptoms. To confirm his feeling, we looked at the metadata of the last transaction that seemed to wipe out all the balance from the wallet.

The funds were placed in some address and no other transactions were made from it. If it was an address that belonged to hackers, it would be highly unlikely that they would just leave the money there without transferring them further, for example, to an exchange platform for selling.

However, if you want to know what transactions were made from a known address, all the info is totally public. For Ethereum transactions, you can look it up on etherscan. Meanwhile, we started thinking how to fix the glitch. I also filed a support ticket — maybe, they can help us? He had some rough understanding how the blockchain works and felt that the support guys would be useless. It looked like we needed to manipulate our wallets in a particular way that would involve using the private key phrase.

And we, of course, could not share the phrase with anyone left alone sending it by email. Fast forward, the FAQ page was our starting point in a journey to a successful recovery of funds. It turned out to be a true detective story! Blockchain transactions and addresses You may already know that the blockchain technology allows you to generate an infinite of addresses from your secret phrase.

Every time you make a transaction in a blockchain, you can choose to use a new address to hold your funds to increase the anonymity of your transactions. Why would you want to do that? Well, as I already mentioned, the blockchain transactions are public and you can see their data including From and To addresses using the tools blockchains provide. For example, you can look up Bitcoin transactions here: blockchain.

Each wallet makes their own decision about whether to use new addresses for each transaction. Originally, Decentral decided to follow this path in their Jaxx Wallet for all the coins they support including Ethereum. Ok, now we know why your crypto wallet may have multiple addresses. When a fork happens, your funds appear on the same address in both new Chain 1 and old Chain 2 chains. This means that when you do a transaction on Chain 1, it opens up a security hole that would allow accessing your funds in Chain 2.

The receiving end of the original transaction on Chain 1 would get a permission to make a similar transaction in Chain 2 and take out the money they are not authorized to take. Clearly, this is not the desired outcome. In order to avoid that, Decentral updated Jaxx Wallet to perform the split fork transaction. At that point, Jaxx Wallet was still creating new addresses for each transaction. So, after the fork transaction passed through, my funds were transferred to a new address.

The funds were still displayed correctly because the way how Jaxx Wallet was showing them summing up the balances of all the addresses matched the way how the funds were allocated between multiple addresses including the original one and the one where the funds went after the Ethereum split.

No more new addresses in Jaxx Wallet Then, the event 2 occurred: For Ethereum, Jaxx Wallet changed the way how it performs the transactions. The reason was that Ethereum works slightly different from the rest of the crypto coins due to their smart contracts.

Now, for Ethereum, Jaxx Wallet no longer creates new addresses for every transaction; instead, it always uses the original address. This caused Jaxx Wallet to change the way how they display the available funds. Rather than going through all the addresses and summing up the balances, Jaxx Wallet started showing the balance of the original address only.

In order to roll out the change, Decentral launched an update in their Jaxx Wallet software. The update was moving all the funds from all the Ethereum addresses to the original one as well as changing the algorithm that calculates the available funds. Firstly, open Trust Wallet on your mobile device. Then, tap on the Settings icon on the top right corner of your screen. To display your balance of other cryptocurrencies, you need to find and enable it. Tap on the switch to enable the token on Trust Wallet.

Then, head back to the wallet page of the app. Firstly, you need to check if the token is supported on Trust Wallet. To fix this, you can try enabling or disabling your VPN. You can also try testing whether the app works on another device. Further reading.

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