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Double chance betting formative assessments

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double chance betting formative assessments

The questionnaire was used as the main research instrument. The paper presents the analysis of data on three Latvian largest universities: Riga. There are 2 types of assessment namely; formative and summative assessments (Summative evaluates learners at the conclusion of a specific instructional. Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom. Douglas. Nancy. FISHER FREY. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. FANDUEL SPORTSBOOK MONEYLINE

If practical, take these new routes at the same time of day to help with comparisons and decide which route is the better. Lunchtime activities As a class, organise to run a series of lunchtime activities for a target audience such as peer group or junior year level.

Create a Gantt chart to show what activity is on for the day, and who is responsible. Create newsletter articles for promotion and organise with different departments if equipment is needed to be borrowed and if rooms need to be booked. Food Drive As a class organise a food drive for a local charity.

Students use a school map to identify the best locations around the school environment for collection points. Students create a roster to regularly collect donations and, as a record for the charity, use an appropriate format for creating a stockpile inventory of the items before storing them. Students are to read labels and ensure food is stored correctly as per food labels.

Technology: maps, spreadsheets and scheduling or roster applications, safe food handling procedures. Look ahead to include a week that includes upcoming events, activities and due dates, and adjust the schedule accordingly. Technology: scheduling or diary applications. Using maps Use maps or directories to locate shopping centres, zoos, aquariums and theme parks etc. Describe their location in relation to your current position or other landmarks.

Give or follow directions to move between locations. Categorise the locations by 1 amenities and services such as toilets, information services and disability service locations , and 2 places of interest. Technology: maps and directories.

Module 2: Financial numeracy Focus areas: Number, Change Module 2: Financial numeracy relates to undertaking basic and personal financial transactions and making straightforward decisions regarding the use and management money. Financial numeracy involves managing relevant personal, social or work-related everyday financial costs, charges, income and expenditure. Examples of learning activities Payslips Look at different payslips.

Consider what is common and different about each one. Locate important information such as: the payee, the payer, the ABN, the bank account, the hours worked, the pay rate, the taxable income and rate, and superannuation contributions. If possible, have students compare their own payslips. Calculating pay-rates Practice calculating pay-rates using award wages from Fair Work Australia, including time-and-a-half and double-time.

Use your own payslip or a sample pay slip and check the calculations are correct to ensure you have been paid correctly. Use their pay calculator to check students own wages for part-time work, apprenticeship or traineeship. Create a PMI graphic organiser to collate information and write a summary that explains the positives and negatives of each type of account. Safe online spending Investigate the ways to safely spend money online.

Present findings as a newspaper article exploring famous scams, things to be careful or alert for, and how to be aware when shopping online. For an extra challenge, set audience targets for their newspaper articles, such as elderly audiences who are new to using the internet for shopping, and people who have English as a second language.

Big ticket buy Research the cost of a big-ticket item. Create a savings plan using a spreadsheet program. Highlight current part-time job wages if applicable and include regular expenses. Calculate how long it would take to save for that item with a fortnightly saving schedule. Technology: spreadsheeting program. Identify the negatives such as hidden fees or high interest rates.

List ingredients and costs using a spreadsheet program. Shop for, prepare and share the meal with invited guests at a luncheon. Design a uniform Design and cost a Vocational Pathways school hoodie or t-shirt. Collect the orders, and organise bulk order, delivery and payment. Prepare customer invoices, receipts and payments. Distribute the uniforms. Exploring Savings Explore the effects of regular savings and how regular contributions grow over time. Allow students to predict how much they could save over certain time periods if they made regular contributions based on different set parameters, such as a percentage from their current earnings, or a regular amount.

Students could explore their own online banking services or apps and the savings goals sections. Technology: spreadsheet, savings app. Subscription services Investigate the current subscription services that students have access to such as movies, music, gaming and magazines , and compare these to their ultimate subscription wish list. Students can explore the monthly costs, the yearly costs, and combined totals of the services they have access to and their wish list.

Discuss the positives and negatives of using vouchers over cash. Technology: menu apps, calculator. Compare the cost Compare the costs of the same item from different supermarkets and determine which is cheaper. Examine advertised sale items, bulk buys or bonus buys in supermarkets and determine the savings if any and the better option for purchases.

Technology: calculator. Unit 2 Module 3: Health and recreational numeracy Focus areas: Shape, Quantity and measures Module 3: Health and recreational numeracy relates to accessing, understanding and using foundational mathematical information to be aware of issues related to health and well-being, or when engaging in different recreational activities.

Recreational activities may include indoor and outdoor pursuits, arts, social media, gaming and other personal interests and hobbies. Examples of learning activities Sugar and salt Explore the sugar or salt content found in snack foods or drinks. Draw links with health messages from trusted sources. Technology: digital scales. Athletics carnival Plan some novelty activities that can be completed during Athletics Carnival such as egg and spoon race, 3-legged race and thong-throw, and ask if points can be awarded and contribute to the winner of the day.

Prior to the day, explore different measurements that are appropriate for the events, and practice marking them out for accuracy and authenticity of the event. On the day, set up the novelty events, highlighting the start and finish lines. Measure and record the results of the events. Technology: measuring tape, marking equipment, trundle wheel, timers. Cookie cutters Explore the shape of different cookies or cookie cutters and predict which shapes are the best to use for: the strongest biscuit shape, the least crumbling biscuit and the easiest biscuit to eat.

Follow a recipe and accurately measure ingredients to make a range of cookie shapes. Review the final cookie shape products and compare with your predictions. Technology: kitchen scales and measuring cups. Drinking glasses Explore the shape of different drinking glasses and identify the equivalent 2D and 3D shapes.

Discuss the purposes of drink glasses being different shapes in the hospitality industry. Estimate and measure the capacity of each glass by filling each with coloured water then pouring into a measuring jug. Review your estimations and check if you ordered the glasses correctly. Technology: measuring cups and jugs. Sports equipment Examine a selection of different balls used across different sports such as netball, basketball, football, rugby, cricket, hockey etc.

Discuss the size and shape of each ball, and the difference between their sizes, shapes and weights in light of their use. Investigate the official sizing for sports and their recommendations, and accurately measure and record the size and weight of the balls examined to see if they compare true.

Technology: measuring tape, scales. When a new student solution is entered the information of the database is used for correction. The main components of the tool are the graph editor module, designed to support diagram drawing, and the correction module, which corrects the solutions entered by the students.

These modules are integrated in a more general e-learning platform denoted ACME. ACME provides teachers all functionalities required for student work tracking, assessment, personalized attention, etc. The proposed tool has been evaluated on experimental group.

Double chance betting formative assessments horse betting strategy betfair


Similarly, if you place a 12 double chance bet, only a draw would result in a losing bet, as you have already covered the two other outcomes. Therefore, it is easy to see why punters choose double chance bets when they want to place low-risk wagers with a decent chance of winning. Double Chance Examples Let's look at two double chance examples to show you how this sports betting market works.

First, we will look at a winning example, and we will follow that up with a losing double chance bet. Arsenal is the favourite, but you have a feeling that the underdog will spring a surprise. However, you are not that sure that the visitors will win, so you go for the double chance bet and back Watford to win or draw.

The match plays out exactly as you predicted. Arsenal is often caught off-guard, and Watford has tons of scoring chances. However, neither one of the teams finds the back of the net, and the match ends in a draw, So, you have a winning bet. You also benefit from some pretty decent odds. Backing the underdog, even in the double chance market, is quite lucrative, so your winnings should be substantial.

A Losing Example of a Double Chance Bet Let's now say that, inspired by your previous double chance win, you decide to bet on another Watford match. This time, however, Watford is the home team and plays Manchester City. The match ends with an away win which your double chance bet doesn't cover.

That means you lost your wager. Better luck next time. However, there are also other benefits of playing with double bets, and one unfortunate drawback too. Let's look at the pros and cons of double chance betting to see if it will suit your sports betting style.

Double Chance Advantages When you include double chance selections in your bet slip, you benefit from better chances of winning. You also minimise the risk of losing and get your winnings even when things don't go exactly as planned. Oh, and double chance bets are great when backing underdogs. Let's examine these perks in more detail. Better Chances of Winning This one is pretty easy to understand.

When you bet on the traditional match winner market 1x2 , you cover only one possibility of the three given. However, when you place double chance bets, you cover two outcomes. Needless to say, that increases your chances of winning significantly. Minimising Risk The fact you reduce the ways to lose your bet from two to one is also important when betting double chance. For instance, if you back the home team to win, you can lose your bet when either an away win or draw occur.

Ideal for New Bettors Placing low-risk bets is what new players and sports betting customers should aim for at the start of their wagering adventure. So, double chance bets areal for them, as they help them minimise the risk of losing and get some much-needed confidence. Both Outcomes Win Unlike draw no bet markets, where the draw outcome only returns your stake, double chance pays when either one of the two outcomes occurs. And that's a clear advantage that double chance betting markets have over draw no bet options.

For instance, if you back Manchester United to win in the draw no bet market, a draw will only return your stake, as the bet is cancelled. Great for Backing Underdogs If you are scared to risk your hard-earned money on underdogs, try double chance betting. With it, you can win even when the underdog you backed fails to spring the surprise you expected.

That way, even if the Clarets only draw, you will still have a winning bet and would have made some profit. Lower Odds - The Only Disadvantage of DC Bets The only drawback of double chance betting is that you get lower odds than if you wagered on the match winner market.

However, that's completely expected as the odds you get are a reflection of your chances of winning. The lower the double chance betting odds, the greater the probability that you will win your bet. In essence, the fact you get lower odds implies a higher probability of cashing out later. Pretty cool, right? Double Chance Betting Strategy and Tips If you are looking to increase your chances of winning, please continue reading.

The double chance strategies and tips we list here will be invaluable for you. One of the perks of double chance bets is that even betting beginners can have lots of success with them. If you do your betting homework and use some of the tips we list below, you can be even more successful. Example 3: 12 The last deal is for 12 - the win of one of the opponents. The odds for the outcome are 1. A tied score would lead to loss. Double chance benefits The double chance bets gained wide popularity due to some obvious reasons: One bet - two outcomes.

One should predict two out of three outcomes to succeed, which essentially reduces the risk. The likelihood of winning increases. When risk goes low, the possibility of a bet being paid off goes up. Double chance downsides Everybody knows trouble comes in threes as there are always some flaws when it comes to sports betting: Outplay the bookies Join our mailing list and learn to win a profit on EVERY event, regardless of who wins.

Check your inbox! Low odds. The prices on a double result bet are significantly lower than the odds on a single outcome. Complex analytical accounting. A close review should be done to achieve good results. Lack of highly probable bets. Sportsbooks usually remove such outcomes from the line. Double chance vs H 0 - main differences Newbies commonly confuse double chance with zero handicap.

Both deals have things in common given that both of them are made for two out of three outcomes. But odds and return options are what distinct them from each other. When betting a 2-way outcome, no return option is left, and a win is only possible in two out of three cases. Handicaps on the other hand would succeed only if the selected team wins, and the odds for the 2-way outcome would be much lower than for H 0.

Anyway, handicap is better off betting in terms of odds, but the 2-way should bring much better profit.

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TBB - The Double Chance \u0026 Draw No Bet - Sports Betting Tutorial

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