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Fanduel sportsbook moneyline

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fanduel sportsbook moneyline

Schedule & Odds · CLE. + FanDuel Sportsbook. BAL. · TB. bet Sportsbook. CAR · ATL. + Betway Sportsbook. CIN · DET. + Spread bets · Moneyline wagers · Totals (over/unders for a game, teams, quarters, halves, etc.) Props (player, team and scoring. When betting on the Moneyline, the goal is to simply pick the winner of the game. There are no spreads to worry about, just straight winners and losers. When. FANDUEL WEST VIRGINIA

But because there will be less scoring, bettors need to know that there are only a few moments within these games that will likely determine the outcome of a bet. How To Handicap Moneyline Bets Before placing any moneyline bets, an experienced sports bettor will do extensive research into the game. Opening Odds Once a matchup is announced in football, basketball or any sport, sportsbooks will release betting odds for the matchup for the moneyline. Tracking the odds from when they opened, to when you place your bet, to the start of a game can provide key indicators of what the betting public is thinking and how oddsmakers see a game playing out.

Home Vs Road Performance The prevailing theory in sports is that teams typically perform better at home than they do on the road. But there are also teams that excel when playing away from home. So as a bettor, what do you do? Well, this is the time when you analyze how each team performs in these situations to determine if recent results at home or on the road will be relevant to an upcoming matchup. You may find that a team like the Toronto Raptors has lost five straight games at home but is now hosting the Chicago Bulls and has won five straight games in this matchup.

This data may not be the decisive factor when placing your moneyline bet but it certainly needs to be taken into consideration. This is the team that is expected to win based on several different factors. The favorite is indicated at Arizona sportsbooks with a minus moneyline number, meaning bettors need to bet more money for a potential payout because of the expectation that the favorite will win. So, if the Kansas City Chiefs are listed as against the Arizona Cardinals, they are the favorite.

The Underdog Team Everyone loves a good underdog. There's one in every matchup, whether it's a slight difference in the moneyline or a matter of huge underdogs needing everything to go right to pull off the upset. Because these teams aren't expected to win, bettors need to bet smaller amounts to win a potentially big payout. The odds are against these teams but choosing the right moneyline wager can be profitable. Typically, the point spread will be just a single point or less , making a moneyline bet the preferred option to take out the spread altogether without losing too much value.

Outcomes On The Moneyline What's nice about the moneyline is there's no math involved, no backdoor covers and no different winner based on sportsbook lines and odds. The moneyline is simply interested in which team wins and which team loses.

That's it. And while that's simple enough, it's important to understand what that means in terms of odds and a potential payout for bettors. Different sportsbooks will provide different odds on moneylines, so it's important for bettors to shop around to find the best value to maximize potential winnings. Win To win a moneyline bet, your team must win the outright matchup.

No matter the score, the total points, the number of overtimes or individual performances, a team win on the scoreboard is a win in moneyline betting. Payouts are based on two factors: the moneyline of the team bet on and the amount wagered.

This is like different types of bets like point spreads or totals that also have odds attached to them. Loss Because moneyline odds are so simple to understand, bettors will know when they've lost. As is the case with winning, a loss on the scoreboard is a loss on a moneyline bet.

Whereas a bettor could win a point spread bet if a losing team covered, moneyline odds are only concerned with the final score. Draw Pushes will pop up from time to time when it comes to point spread bets or total bets. They're incredibly uncommon, however, in moneyline betting. Because a moneyline bet is choosing one side to win, the only scenario in which a draw would occur is if the game ends in a tie or draw and a tie or draw was not one of the listed options to bet on.

An example would be a moneyline bet on the Arizona Cardinals to win a regular season game over the Seattle Seahawks, only for the two teams to still be tied after the end of the first overtime. In that instance, a draw would return the wagered money back to the bettor. Calculating Payouts On Moneyline Odds Whereas it's easy to determine payouts on point spreads - the line effectively evens the playing field between the two teams, with typical betting odds ranging between and - moneyline odds are a bit trickier wager type.

For almost every game, including Arizona Super Bowl game betting , there will be a favorite and an underdog. Minus Odds If you're scrolling through an online sportsbook and see a team with a minus sign attached to its odds, they are considered the favorite and expected - based on the odds - to win. Plus Odds A plus sign next to a team indicates that they are the underdog and expected — based on the betting odds — to lose the game.

While payouts are significant with plus odds, they're also more difficult to hit because it requires an underdog to win the matchup outright.

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If you are right, you will cash your moneyline betting ticket. These odds are set by the bookmaker. The favorite to win the game will have minus odds next to it while the underdog will have plus odds. So the larger the favorite, the lesser the odds, which will result in a lower payout.

Meanwhile, the greater the underdog, the greater the odds, which will result in a larger payout. With your standard 2-way moneylines at FanDuel Sportsbook, overtime will always be included in the result unless otherwise noted. A 3-way moneyline has three different outcomes. You will see that you can pick either team to win while also picking the game to end in a tie. While 3-way moneylines are more prevalent in soccer and hockey, you will also find these for NFL markets. For NFL regular-season games, 3-way moneylines will include overtime since these games may end in a tie.

However, with NFL postseason 3-way moneylines, these bets will not include overtime since NFL playoff games can not result in a tie. In these cases, 3-way postseason NFL moneylines are settled at the end of regulation. They are also telling you the market prices.

When you see a team with a minus sign, that team is the favorite to win the game. When you see a team with a plus sign, that team is the underdog and is also projected to lose. In some regions, juice at a sportsbook will also be called the vig. The juice is the cut the sportsbook takes on every bet they get acton for. It is also the proverbial house edge.

When you see a no juice moneyline, the oddsmakers have determined that both teams have an equal chance of winning or losing the game. Does Moneyline Include Overtime Play? Moneyline bets will include overtime in the result unless it is stated otherwise ahead of time with 2-way markets.

However, with 3-way moneylines, overtime will not be included with NFL postseason bets since these games cannot end in a tie. If an NFL game ends in a tie with 2-way moneylines, you will get the stake of your bet back since your wager will be graded as a push.

With 3-way moneylines, your bet will be graded as a winner if you did, in fact, bet on the game to end in a tie. However, if you bet on either team to win and the game ends in a tie, your wager will be graded as a loss. To win your bet, you must pick the right team to win the game outright. All moneyline bets will include overtime in the result unless otherwise noted.

Furthermore, 2-way moneyline push rules will also be in play unless otherwise noted as well. Moneyline Calculator There are various ways to use a moneyline calculator. Someone new to betting may want to just place a money line or straight bet. This is the most straightforward bet type where you pick the outcome of a game. For example, will the Packers win against the 49ers. With that said, it is important to know the range of bet types there are available and how they work and we cover these further down the page.

How to bet on Football with FanDuel As you have probably guessed, football betting with FanDuel is by far the most popular sport to bet on. Betting on NFL or any football with FanDuel is easy and no different from any other sport with the book.

They have one of the most popular, simplest apps for betting on the NFL. First, you need a funded account which you can create at fanduel. For the purpose of this guide, we will assume you are using the FanDuel app. Select NFL from the top of the page, you can then see all games listed, or use the sliding menu at the top to see specials. If this is all you want to bet on, tap the odds to add the pick to your betslip. If you want to see more betting options, click on more wagers to see further markets.

Again, all you need to do is tap the odds box on your selection to add it to the betslip. You can combine multiple selections from the same game and create a same game parlay. These are bets with higher odds, but a less chance of winning compared to moneyline bets. When you have finished with your selections, click My Bets, enter in your stake the amount you want to bet and see the potential returns should your bet come in.

That is how you bet on football with FanDuel. Now you can grab a beer, sit back and watch the game. If you have picked the right bets and won, you can withdraw your winnings from FanDuel , or leave them in your account for any future wagers.

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