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Goal sports betting uganda capital

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goal sports betting uganda capital

Walukaga, a year-old businessman, says he started betting six years ago. Now, he usually bets between 20, and 50, Ugandan shillings ($6. “Many countries have banned sports betting and the move has served the purpose of the day. If Uganda does not ban it soon, the crime rate in the country will. The bookmaker has more than 75 betting shops in the capital. The Bookie offers very good odds and it claims they are the best in Uganda. COINBASE CRYPTO CALCULATOR

A stage is an area where a group of riders congregate and wait for passengers and the stages are scattered across the municipality. Each boda boda stage has a different number of riders ranging from a few to almost 15 in the more crowded areas of the municipality. We used a multi stage sampling approach to select the stages from which our respondents were enrolled.

In this multi-stage approach, we started at the division or sub-county , the largest geographical unit in the municipality. We purposively selected divisions that had the largest number of boda boda cyclists. We then listed all the stages in the selected divisions using unique codes in an Excel sheet and then performed simple random sampling to select the boda boda stages.

At the selected stages, we conducted a census of all boda boda cyclists and randomly selected from the list. We selected an equal number of cyclists from each stage. Our sample size calculation was adjusted for the design effect arising from potential clustering of riders at a given stage. We collected data using a questionnaire that was translated into the local language for those unable to speak English.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria The boda boda cyclists were eligible to participate if they were residing within Mbarara municipality, had been riding for at least 6 months, a period required for them to obtain an official registration from the Municipal commercial officers.

Participants were enrolled if they provided individual informed consent to participate in the study. We enrolled participants of 18 to 59 years of age. We did not enroll those who operate on night duty as they were not available for interview during normal working hours. Measurements We designed a tool attached as supplementary material and collected data on social demographics and income. We also collected data on sports-betting, and asked if they had ever been involved in sports-betting, and the frequency of their involvement.

The participants in our study do not have access to other forms of gambling other than sports-betting, and therefore sports-betting and gambling are used interchangeably in our description. We asked participants about their smoking habits, namely whether they had ever smoked and if they had smoked in the past 6 months.

Data analysis We summarized numeric data using descriptive statistics namely means and standard deviations or medians with interquartile ranges IQR , and categorical data using frequencies and percentages. We coded sports-betting as a dichotomous outcome. We considered a rider to have engaged in sports-betting if they reported they had been actively involved in sports-betting in the past 30 days.

We defined active sports-betting as spending money to complete a transaction in a sports-betting activity. Alcohol consumption was classified into three categories based on the AUDIT-C score namely low, moderate and high based on the volume of consumption with the smallest consumers in the low category and the largest consumers in the high category.

An AUDIT score of 0 to 4 was considered low, 5 to 8 was classified as moderate and any score higher than 8 was considered high or hazardous alcohol use. We tested our hypothesis using a two sided test approach and 0. The proportion of the outcome variable was considered highly frequent, so the odds ratio OR is not an appropriate measure of effect because it would overestimate the strength of the association [ 21 , 22 ].

Therefore, for the regression analysis, we computed risk ratios RR using modified Poisson regression with robust error variance to control for potential violations of the assumptions of Poisson regression analysis. The primary exposure for this analysis was alcohol consumption and the outcome was sports-betting.

We then fitted a multivariable model for variables that showed p values less than 0. Prior to the multivariate analysis, we checked for multicollinearity and considered variance inflation factor VIF greater than 10 as indicator of collinearity. We considered the AIC Furthermore, we checked for the assumption of normal distribution by plotting a graph of residuals of the fitted versus residual values.

Study procedures were adherent to the requirements under the Helsinki declaration. Participants were invited and voluntarily accepted to participate. Individual informed and written consent was obtained from all participants, and all were at least 18 years of age. Consent process was conducted in the local language to enhance understanding.

In the reporting of results, divisions of residence have been left anonymous to protect group confidentiality. Results Socio-demographic characteristics of participants We approached eligible riders and enrolled of them. Twenty four 5. The mean age standard deviation of those enrolled participants was Table 1 presents a summary of the socio-demographic characteristics of participants stratified by sports-betting status.

There was no statistically significant difference in mean age between participants who engaged in sports-betting and those who never: Riders who end their work day before pm are more likely to engage in sports-betting compared to those who end their work day after pm. Alcohol consumption and smoking are more frequent among persons who were engaged in sports-betting compared to those who were not.

However, Ejalu noted, the increase in licence fees, from sh5m to sh10m, was a big challenge. Promoters allow smaller players agents to operate under their franchise in return for commission. The Government raises money from the sector through licences. Gamblers want betting banned Saturday Vision conducted a survey where some gamblers said they wanted the Government to ban gambling, instead of relocating the business. They said the business had milked them and made them poor.

Joseph Kyangulanyi, a resident of Kireka, a Kampala suburb, told Saturday Vision that before he started betting four years ago, he ran a successful garments business with sh, capital. He, however, lost all the money to gambling, which has turned him into a pauper. Every coin I get, I spend on betting. I am poor and everyone in my family has abandoned me. Brian Nsubuga, 25, of Bweyogerere in Wakiso district, said over the last six years, he has been betting an average of sh1, a day, but he has nothing to show for it.

He added that relocating betting businesses outside Kampala would not help because it would introduce the habit to other innocent people, yet that would not also stop gamblers from going there. Ssengendo would travel to Nairobi, Kenya, twice a week to import merchandise, which he sold on the streets. After being sent off the streets, he resorted to sports betting, which he says has turned him into a pauper.

He added that those who are addicted to betting should beware that it is not just a habit. But we were created to be the masters of everything and not to be mastered. When we are mastered by things like sports betting, our lives are destroyed. We all get tempted, but it is important that we control our lives and not succumb to it.

If Uganda does not ban it soon, the crime rate in the country will skyrocket. An addict who has spent everything on gambling will resort to criminal activity, like robbery, to survive. Photos by Stephen Mayamba Betting centres located in public places A survey conducted by Saturday Vision around Kampala and its suburbs, revealed that most of the casinos and gaming companies will have to relocate because they are near public facilities. He said Kawempe Muslim Primary School is set to benefit immensely from the new rules.

According to Ssembajwe, if the new guidelines are enforced, pupils in his school will be able to concentrate on their studies. Senoga added that although the new rules would help, the best option would be to reduce the number of days and working hours of betting companies.

Wandegeya In Wandegeya, another city suburb, almost all sports betting centre will have to close come January 1, due to their proximity to public places. Kings Sports betting is a block away from St. Peters sub-parish church Wandegeya, while Victory Betting is just across the church. A person, whose pension benefits have been approved, may, out of excitement, walk to the next floor to bet. If the Government enforced the new rules, Wolf Betting Company would automatically have to relocate.

But Amina Ismael, the manager, said they would lose clients if they moved to another area. Mukono Gaming International, Mukono Branch, which is a popular place for the youth, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, will have to relocate.

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Uganda's booming sports betting business during FIFA World Cup

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Gal Sport Betting is a perfect spot for all sports enthusiasts that wish to turn their passion into profit. All those hours and days of watching your favorite team play will have finally come to fruition. It is time to cash in on your passion and to show everybody that luck had nothing to do with it. One place for all predictions and tips On our specially designed website for your maximum betting comfort, you can find predictions and tips for all major world sports and place your bets easily with maximum security.

Paid sports writer tips and free betting advice have been blossoming recently throughout the world and especially on the internet. More and more people are being drawn to the betting industry as they have recognized that they can maximize their profits by using their knowledge of sports and certain niches in particular leagues. Being the best online place for sports betting online, our team of predictors and tipsters have the unique knowledge and experience to make your betting process as easy as possible and help you along the way with their predictions and tips.

Feel free to check out our website for our exquisite list of sports, predictions, and betting tips that are available for your pleasure. There are 28 legal betting halls in the country, he says, out of an estimated halls. Joel Omoding, a manager at Sports Betting Africa, says the National Lotteries Board is currently dormant and needs to step up its involvement in cracking down on illegal gambling. Gambling is entertainment, Omoding says. He says their lowest fixtures are shillings 15 cents.

More Ugandans need to learn about betting so they can responsibly participate in it as a leisure activity, Richa says. It should be part of the sporting experience. Joel Omoding, a manager at Sports Betting Africa Most betting halls display signs noting that gambling is not permitted for people under the age of 18, but there are differences between the legal and illegal shops.

John Kyalimpa, 24, says he gambles at Sports Betting Africa, a hall he considers to be trustworthy.

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Uganda's sports betting business is booming

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