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Municipal broadband investing activities

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municipal broadband investing activities

internet on stock market participation rates at the municipality level. of broadband on the trading activity of established investors, we therefore. Investment models present interesting involvement opportunities for a public authority that engages in regional broadband development. Municipal networks increase both public and private investment by building broadband infrastructure and creating new business opportunities. COMPUTATIONAL INVESTING IIRC

The federal tax code allows state and local governments to use tax-exempt bonds to finance certain projects that are considered private activities. Treasury bonds, the bond buyer does not have to include the interest income from the bond in federal gross income.

The bond buyer is willing to accept a lower interest rate because the interest income is not subject to federal income taxes. The lower interest rate arising from the tax-exempt status subsidizes state and local investment in capital projects. Exempt facility bonds are allowed to finance airports, commuting facilities and high-speed rail, water and sewage facilities, facilities for the local furnishing of electric energy and gas, public educational facilities, and green buildings just to name a few examples.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act adds a limited class of broadband facilities to the list. Congress uses an annual state volume cap to limit the amount of tax-exempt bond financing generally and restricts the types of qualified private activities that qualify for tax-exempt financing to selected projects defined in the tax code. The less populous states are more likely not to use the entire annual cap amount. However, as measured against total California personal income, the new volume cap is below the national average.

In addition, states that have total personal income below the national average would also have a relatively high debt allowance as measured against personal income. For broadband, government-owned projects will not be subject to volume caps while privately-owned projects will—with a 75 percent exemption.

Qualified Broadband Projects A qualified broadband project must be designed to provide broadband service to at least 90 percent of the locations in 1 or more census block groups at speeds not less than megabits per second for downloads and 20 megabits per second for uploads. Broadband providers have 90 days to respond to the notice and request for information. Having a dependable Internet connection means students can access education, and entrepreneurs can sell their products globally.

It means doctors can access patient records, farmers can find real-time data, municipalities can serve residents better—and communities can reach their potential. Municipalities have welcomed recent federal investments broadband infrastructure, including the historic Universal Broadband Fund. Now we need to ensure these investments drive results for people on the ground—quickly. Resources Local leaders are ready to build on our federal-municipal partnership to drive the inclusive, sustainable recovery Canadians deserve.

Read our proposed solutions. Resources This guide is designed to help unserved and underserved communities establish connectivity to reliable high-speed Internet. Local govts are ready to work together to get the job done.

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All too often, advocates of muni broadband projects mistakenly characterize broadband Internet in public utility terms. But modern high-speed information technology networks and classic utilities are simply not the same.

The sunk costs associated with building infrastructure are far more expensive for broadband Internet networks. Broadband cycles are rapid and require entire network upgrades. Between and , wireless networks went from analog radio to its fourth generation of digital technology. That averages to a major network overhaul every seven years. Moreover, the significant up-front investments needed for muni broadband networks often result in crippling interest.

According to Dr. However, muni broadband advocates still chalk this one up to a victory. This may cause commercial servicers to devote more of their entrepreneurial capital where head-to-head competition with government is less likely and profits more likely. By , the LUS fiber plan was supposed to be breaking even. One of the claimed benefits of muni broadband projects is their ability to lure businesses to an area.

Debt and mismanagement problems aside, such benefits may prove illusory given their costs. Today, an Internet connection allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients in remote locations using telecommunications technology. Telemedicine allows patients in remote locations to access medical expertise quickly, efficiently, and without travel.

Independent Living for the Aging or Disabled: Aging in place and independent living are quickly are becoming more important to us as the population ages. The most affordable home automation products are cloud-based and Internet-dependent. A wide array of products from voice-activated devices to monitoring systems to panic alarms can have a profound impact on quality of life for senior citizens, the disabled, AND the people who care for them. Government websites and social media provide a continuous stream of information to the public as well as forums for public participation.

Citizens can pay taxes online, register vehicles, procure hunting, fishing, and pet licenses, and with the click of a button, communicate via email with elected officials and staff. Many government entities have employed a messaging system that allows citizens to use any smart device to alert officials about everything from dangerous potholes to emergency situations they might witness.

Broadband can also provide the public with new ways of calling for help and receiving emergency information. Both Smart Grid technology for electricity generation and distribution and metering, and improved transportation management can develop efficiencies that will greatly reduce emissions and ultimately the carbon footprint. Hi-speed internet connectivity is integral in both cases.

Libraries: Particularly during economic downturns, libraries become a haven for the public, providing computers and internet access, books and movies for inexpensive entertainment, and assistance with online job searching. Regardless of the economic climate, libraries are automated to the point that users can download digital media from home, reserve and renew books online, and access to myriad web-based enrichment and educational tools.

The ability to telecommute is a big consideration for modern professionals looking to relocated. Not surprisingly, according to some studies, the greatest positive economic impact is likely to be realized in rural underserved communities. This assertion is quite logical when one considers population density, income and education demographics, and the current economy in rural America.

Rural America, simply put, has the most room for economic growth. Conversely, rural America faces some serious challenges to overcome before the economic benefits of the broadband internet can be realized. Telecommuting, telemedicine, and distance learning can reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the number of cars on the road.

Energy saving technologies like smart plugs in home automation systems can also reduce consumption and our carbon footprint. Home automation security and elder care products can help reduce the burden for public safety and emergency medical personnel. Access to distance learning at any level can have a profound effect on workforce development, and can ultimately enhance economic development.

There is no question that Broadband Internet access is playing a larger role in our lives every day, and that its positive impacts continue to grow. Back to Top Municipal Broadband Any entity, public, private, or municipal looking to establish Broadband Internet service to a community faces major challenges. Because the definition of broadband is constantly subject to change, based on trends in technology and data speed requirements, it is important to plan for this continued growth.

Many towns are choosing to replace old copper with new fiber ones.

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City Council Formal - 10/18/2022

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