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Betting oophorectomy

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betting oophorectomy

Many have already seen doctors who recommended a hysterectomy but didn't "I am willing to bet that there are hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, women reported bet- ter sexual functioning after RRS compared with RRSO with and without HRT. The decline in cancer worry was. Preserving the ovaries during a hysterectomy may not help as much as was previously thought, a new study suggests. SOUTHERN STARS FC BETTING LINE

Steen for 1st time today, with husband, sister and nephew. All we do today and is talk about his philosophy of treatment and what he thinks. He says he will do a total of 6 treatments and then rescan to see if any changes and then decide if they will change meds. He agreed with my 1st oncologist that I did not look sick and do not have any symptons. So we schedule my next treatment for next week.

August 23, 1st treatment at Roger Maris and get what. Orders aren't signed, but does not take long for them to get signed and off we go. I thought the infusion nurses were nice in Bismarck, they hold nothing on these nurses. These ladies are great. When I left after treatment they actually hugged me. I love it. I have to have a xgeva and nulasta injection after my treatments and they sure don't make me feel good.

Have to be honest in lots of pain from the meds, but expected that. Day 9-day 15 are usually the worst. The start date is usually day 10 like clockwork but can fluctuate. November 9. Will get the results on the 15th when I am scheduled for another treatment. November 9, I got a call from the nurse practitioner.

The tumor in my chest wall is gone. They do not know if they removed the entire thing during my biopsy surgery or if the chemo killed it, but there is some fluid around my lungs and a some lymph node change otherwise all else is the same. November 15, Saw dr. He is going to reduce it as my hands and feet are very numb. November 21, I had my 8th treatment the other day and am now here for my rescan. I will get the results after Christmas on Dec.

Rescan is showing that the fluid from around my lung is gone and the lymph node and all other tumors have shrunk. We will continue treatment in 30 days as he wants my body to recuperate and see if some of the neuropathy disappears. Oh, by the way my CA is down to 19, which is its all time low during treatment. So I see my dr. I believe we will be doing some type of pill. All in all I am very happy with the results but I also know that they can change at anytime and I will have to continue to be monitored for the rest of my life, however long that my be.

I am planning on at least another 17 years. And how could I have left out Wife and Aunt, no disrespect just in a hurry. Will write results. At that Imelda they made incision on neck to check lymph nodes for cancer, all clear before surgery. Relief so had lobe removed chest tube was awful, had it in for a month.

At this time I told Dr. I had sharp pains in abdomen, to describe now felt like small fireworks exploding in stomach, not real painful but bothersome. I was told by Dr I was working to hard and try to slow down. I insisted maybe cancer, since my sister had vaginal cancer, and first cousin had vaginal cancer too. I was told I was not to worry. Really after lung surgery I thought maybe Dr is right and let it go. By October was working again and felt I couldn't sit up in a chair all day, told my hubby and we both thought maybe muscles just weak from surgery.

The pain did not go away, it was a deep burning pain in both sides. And when they had done my lung surgery they found gangrene in left shoulder so thought maybe just left over pain. Put a numbing patch on sides just kept on going to work. By January of started feeling full after small piece of a PBJ sandwich, by Feb stomach was bloated to size of 8th month of pregnancy, so called family doctor, we were living in Indy at time so chose to wait till trip back to Ohio planned.

S Family Dr. Thought might be infection of digestive track and tried meds, which didn't help by next day was in ER with such pain from big stomach I could no longer take it. At ER did scan and blood test was told not cancer see Family Dr on Monday gave me shot of demoral let me go, but told me to see surgeon. For what I had no idea.

So knew of surgeon that had done my two boys hernia surgeries so called them. In mean time my family Dr was given ER report so had me go to hospital to have stomach drained on weds.. Then got in to see surgeon on Friday, surgeon asked why I was there, I advised ER told me to get surgeon I knew them so called.

He was lost till I advised. Had 10 pounds of fluid removed on weds. Cancer removed from stomach and both sides of abdomen. Then chemo, carbo, taxol, and one other I can't remember the third. CA only dropped to 40 so I got two extra treatments finally dropped to In Feb of had hernia repair screws and mesh from above grin to rib cage.

Now I have staples in lung, screws in abdomen. But really wasn't bad. By April of Ca went up to 63 so had me wait till August it went up to Now have been told to wait and see till Dec of then start chemo. Darrell had colon cancer, colon exploded after surgery it was bad but year later he looked great.

So now planning to go to CTCA but really scared. I had port under skin on abdomen but never chest port and don't want one, I guess you got to do what you got to do. I will keep updating and also praying for all with cancer, someone out there has to find a cure.

I was immediately taken for surgery and had a complete hysterectomy. I was told the tumor was cancerous but had not spread so no treatment was given. That was Around May of I started having a lot of pain and bloating.

My gyn dr told me it was adhesions from surgery. For the next 6 months I kept going back to the Dr with the same pain they did numerous CT scans different test any thing you can think of and found nothing. I kept insisting the pain was getting worse so at one ER visit they found I had blood in my stools and ordered a colonoscopy.

By the end of the week they took me in and found out the tumors had infiltrated into my colon. Three days later I was back in surgery this time they had to remove part of my colon and put a colostomy bag on, my whole abdomen area had tumors all over liver too. An oncologist was called and he told me that my cancer was ovarian stage 4 and that most women diagnosed have about 6 months to live.

I was I had 6 months of the sisplatin and taxol chemo. I am now 56 years old. Thank God for all the prayers that went out for me, for I know that's why I'm still here in great health now. Had my reversal colostomy in So stay strong and think positive. I went to my gyn at the time because I could feel something through my pelvis and some discomfort after intercourse.

He did an examine and could feel a mass. I did not have any insurance at the time. He said this could be stool or a mass and because you don't have any insurance you gonna have to go downtown to Hutzel Hospital in Detroit. I got scared and did not go back, but two months later Jan I had to go to the hospital because the mass grew and I couldn't have intercourse due to pain. I also had constipation. I had a complete hysterectomy.

I had a very large tumor on right ovary and small tumor on left ovary. At that time what I was told that it a low malignant ovarian cancer, it was considered to be a new cell type and with surgery I was cured. Had ascites but no chemo at that time. Seven months later a new mass develops and was told it was cancer. Went to a Gyn Cancer specialist who performed a biopsy and was told it's a cyst.

Cyst was not removed. In I develop pelvic pain again after intercourse. I got know where with her with my complaints. I went to a Nurse practioner for gyn examine. I went to see her husband who is a Gynecologists. I followed with him for almost a year. Examines, ultrasounds and Cat Scans all normal.

He was sending for my old records from my surgery in Jan , that took forever. Finally I said something is wrong so he said I will contact your previous Gyn Cancer specialist and remove the cyst. Had surgery and surprise with metastatic ovarian cancer in the peritoneal. I had an abdominal debulking and adhesions removed from my small bowels. The cancer was named low grade serous papillary ovarian cancer. Ca all normal. Just before my 48th birthday I was very active.

I was exercising 3 to 4 days a week taking krav maga classes. I was feeling stronger than I ever had. I started becoming bloated and gaining weight for no reason. I noticed I was getting tired alot. I made an appointment with my family doctor. She gave me an stomach x-ray and sent me right to the hospital for a CT scan. I still wasn't worried. I assumed it was just a precaution. After the results came back they transported me to the main Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn.

After I arrived they started prepping me for surgery. I had never had any type of surgery before an became very upset. When I woke up the Cancer Doctor was there and explained that I had stage 3 ovarian cancer. The whole thing was surreal. I went from the strongest I've ever been Physically and Mentally to the weakest in one day. I had a very tough time pulling myself together. I would spend days in the house scared and crying. I was very lucky to have a wonderful husband, family, friends and Doctor.

My husband was by my side every day. My friends and family really showed how much they love me by doing their best to care for me. I love Doctor Michael Hicks. He is positive, caring and brilliant. He saved my life. I didn't realize the day I woke up with him at my bedside how lucky I was. He truly is a hero. I had a hysterectomy and 6 chemo treatments and there is no evidence of disease.

I had my port removed 2 days ago. There is life after ovarian cancer. You have to keep the faith. Stay away from reading negative things on line. It doesn't have anything to do with your case, and treatments have come a long way and are progressing all the time.

Anyone who would like to e-mail me please feel free. I would love to help if I can. My sister found out when she went in for a cat scan on her stomach and they told her that her ovaries were covered in cancer. They took her into surgery 8 days before Christmas last year and they took a thirty pound tumor from her. After her surgery she had been really skinny and she started chemo a month after.

Unfortunately the chemo was making her sicker. Her school had supported her, they had fundraisers in honor of her, and they made t-shirts and bracelets and any money they could to save her life. Later on she was put in the hospital permanently until she felt better.

Never been in the hospital except for my one childbirth. I've always been small. Then I started feeling extremely bloated. I thought my weight had finally caught up with me. I went through a complete hysterectomy. Imagine my surprise when it was positive.

Went through 5 months of chemo. Lost my hair…got down to 92 lbs…. Lucky for me I have wonderful parents in their 70's who came to Florida to take care of me , great friends and co-workers. I became a grandma and loving life. Still can't believe it happened to me. Which I'm sure everyone says. Keep the faith and never give up. My life seemed to be evolving into a stable, sane, and very happy life after an awful divorce and a number of years of re-establishing myself in both career and home.

Then on June 27, it all came tumbling down. I hadn't been feeling well, and I mean actually sick with abdominal pain and constipation for three days. The pain was becoming unbearable and in the night I thought of going to the Emergency but my daughter was sleeping so I convinced myself that it would pass.

The next day, while at work I realized that something was terribly wrong. Without a word to anyone, I left work and went to the hospital I had peritonitis and the surgeons were sure it was a burst appendix.

Upon doing a scope they realized it was something much more serious and they stopped the surgery I know today, that decision plays a big part in my being here. The larger tumors over 2. Three years to almost the day I had my first recurrence I was rediagnosed with a tumor again on my Psoas muscle in my right hip in Nov During this time I have been involved in raising funds for OVCA through establishing a run, a motorcycle drive.

My life has never been the same, but it has also never been so fulfilling. With my third diagnoses and almost 10 years behind me I began a blog of my journey at whencancerknocks. I went to the doctor on multiple occasions due to bloating and pain in my abdomen.

I was told by 4 doctors that I had a hernia. Finally in July the pain was so bad I went back in because I could actually grasp something out of the ordinary, thru my stomach. It felt huge. I saw him 4 days later and he knew right away it wasn't a hernia. A CT followed and the next day I was told I had peritoneal carcinoma I met my oncologist the next week and he told me he thought it was borderline CA.

I just had surgery on the 4 and it was much more extensive than they thought. I lost my ovaries I had had a partial hysterectomy last year , the rest of my cervix, my appendix, part of my large and small intestines and my omentum.

I also had a colon resection and had to have my diaphragm scraped. Even my oncologist was shocked when the pathology came back it was sent out to Johns Hopkins as stage 3 micro papillary serous carcinoma. I developed an infection in my liver so I'm home on IV antibiotics and will then start chemo after they confirm the infection is all gone. I have so many questions about this disease…if my lymph nodes are negative and my ovaries are now gone, can it recur??? Why are doctors allow to blow us off without any type of tests when we go to them for help.

Why can't a CA be part of a physical or at least done every few years? Why do women have to wait until they are 40 for a mammogram. Sorry, I digress but I'm still kind of angry that this is where I am. Anyway, that's my story and I'm praying it will have a happy ending and that we my family learn some lessons out of this.

I pray that research moves quickly for women with this disease. And I pray that women will listen to their bodies and pursue further testing if they feel something is wrong. I truly regret that I waited so long. Good luck and God bless all of you now fighting this and any of you that will be learning you have this disease in the future. I'm a flight attendant and a wilderness lover.

I live in beautiful Alaska. Last week I felt pressure in my left abdomen and went to the doctor. After many test and two surgeries I have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This was shocking news as I am always healthy and active. My friends and family have surrounded me with their love and support. I have many highs and lows. I still feel like I'm dreaming and want to wake up.

I'm home recovering from surgery, surrounded by love from my friends, family, and dog, Boo Boo. Chemo- next step. Trying to stay positive, the tears seem to flow a lot. I feel for everyone dealing with cancer. I remembering waking up hearing the doctor talking to my family. I was awake enough to ask him questions and if i was ok. He told me my ovaries was fully covered with cancer.

He then told me I had stage 3 ovarian cancer. I was so scared, I couldn't even speak. All I thought about was my 3 children. And how was i gonna be able to take care of them sick. I started chemo the next week. Then i stopped taking them. I am here today folks because I know God has a purpose for me to be here. Its been 15 years. We serve an awesome God.

Always go and be check yearly. She was sweet and never became upset with me, no matter what. She had always been there since I was born. Growing up, I just expected her to always be there. When my grandmother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, I didn't know much about this type of cancer. I thought she would beat it and everything would go back to normal. But it didn't. She was diagnosed in the 3rd stage. She took chemo and medications. Before she was diagnosed, her belly began to get really big as if she were pregnant.

When she started chemo, she lost a lot of weight. A few months passed and she became very ill and was hospitalized for two weeks. Finally, the doctors said she could go home or go to a hospice center. She lived for six more days. On Sunday, June 14th at AM, my mother called because she took a turn for the worse. She was rushed to the hospital.

We all knew this was the end. She lived for a few more hours in the hospital then passed away No matter how sick she had been, she remained positive and loving. I was her favorite grandchild and she loved me very very much. It has been a few years, but it still is hard to live without her. I felt lost in depression because of the fact that she was gone.

Why did this happen to her? She was the nicest person I knew. It especially hurt that she had died just two days before my 5th grade graduation. Lots of kids get to grow up into their 30's and still have their grandmothers, but mine was taken when I was I know that she no longer suffers. I just wish her cancer could have been cured. I hope that no other woman has to go through what she went through.

I will always love and remember her. I had all the syptoms just like other women have described. I keept going to my GP and was always told it was my irrital bowel that was the problem. Then one day I went back to my GP with a different complaint, my right breast was red and inflamed and within a week it had doubled in size. I was referred to the parapet clinic and got an appointment the following week.

I didn't think much of it at first 'til i was told it was worrying, but i had to wait a week on results. I hate to think if my breast didn't show the symptoms what would have happened to me. I had a pelvic mass, omental caking. My treatment was chemo and an operation that took 7 months. I was glad when I finished chemo, it was hard going in and out of the hospital.

Now I have been in remmission for 10 months and now I have a scare as my CA has gone up from 12 to and i have some symptoms, constipation, blotted stomach and pain. On 10th of April aged I was admitted to the emergency department of Epping hospital Melbourne, as I had a huge swollen abdomen. I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink I couldn't pass urine or go to the toilet. This had all started suddenly.

I thought I had a kidney stone. I couldn't get a booking before Monday the 10th. By that time I was so swollen and in excruciating pain I could hardly walk. When I got to the local country hospital I broke down and cried when handed a large bottle of drink to take before the CT scan.

I had been losing weight for awhile and put it down to being busy with a sick husband. He has since passed away with Multiple Myeloma. Another hard to diagnose cancer. We were both healthy people. When the radiologist took the scan he had to stop suddenly as I was so ill. He then asked me if i would be willing to go to Epping Hospital. I would have gone to the moon. I had 7. Few days later I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. I had three tumors; one over my left ovary, one near my navel and one near my appendix.

When I saw the surgeon he looked me in the eye and said "There is no cure" He explained all about the chemo and his expectations but said I was in charge. He repeated this again next time I saw Him. After four treatments of chemo I was booked in for an operation to remove the shrunken tumors. Four months had passed by this time and I was doing alright on the chemo. My tumor markers had gone down significantly.

A couple of days after the operation the surgeon came in to talk with me. He said he had removed the shrunken tumors and taken out my appendix but when he got to the pelvis he discovered live cancer on my bowel. It hadn't been picked up as my tumor markers had been dropping down.

He was very disappointed and said he could have saved himself a few hours work if he'd known. He didn't want to remove my bowel as I would have had to have a bag and he was aiming for quality of life. I then had to start the chemo all over again. The whole process took from 10th of April to 27th November.

I have been gaining strength and for the last few months I feel as if I'm getting on top of it. I have also just had my three monthly clinic appointment this week and was informed by my oncologist that my tumor markers were down to seven. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share part of my story. I hope it helps others. You do have to take charge of your own life. I have learnt so much during this time.

I knew my time was not over on this earth. I believe God has something for me to do. I look after a five acre property. I pace myself and don't worry about the things that used to bother me. I try to stay healthy. I eat fruit and vegetables especially those recommended by the cancer council. I take my dog walking around the property and exercise.

It is good to be alive and one thing I know. I will never be afraid of cancer again. When I was first diagnosed, he suddenly realized he loved me and was devastated, and his wife became affectionate and caring.

I am now on relapse 3, but have enjoyed nearly 8 years of family happiness and closeness. Now they have a baby, 7 months, and I feel so lucky I am here to see him. He is a merry little boy. I don't know what the future will bring or how long it is but these past years of joy and love have been so wonderful. And my darling husband is an angel of caring.

Ovarian cancer has brought us all together. At 48, I knew I shouldn't be having incontinence. After my examination at the doctor's office, I asked him what he thought and he replied "well, I think it's a tumor and "cancer" hasn't left the building". He sent me for bloodwork and a pelvic ultrasound and told me he'd have the results back on Monday. It was, without a doubt, the longest weekend of my life. Ovarian cancer? I never knew anyone who'd had this type of cancer and after going online to check it out - I was scared to death!

After a complete hysterectomy and debulking, I woke up in my hospital room in the middle of the night and found that I was alone. I called my husband at the hotel and he came right over. The good news was that the GYN oncologist thought she had gotten all of the cancer, but it had spread from the pelvic area into my abdomen. When the GYN came to visit me, she said that I had a stubborn "type" of cancer cell - called "clear cell"; fortunately, a chemo treatment for "clear cell" was now available and my body responded very well to the treatment.

I had pills for nausea and was never sick - just very tired and lost my hair, which for me was very difficult. I found out the meaning of life and love while fighting for my life. My husband cared for me like a baby, cooking for me and forcing me to eat even when I didn't want to.

He never missed a doctor's appointment or a round of chemo. He kept my spirits up, refusing to leave me alone if I was depressed. We live in a small rural part of Alaska. Friends and people that we barely knew cooked for us, opened up a bank account for donations and sent me get well cards, usually with money.

A lot of people knew that we didn't have health insurance. My parents live in Atlanta and there were prayer chains from Georgia to Alaska. In August '04, I had my last chemo. I do have anxiety that the cancer will return, but I do mostly manage to control that fear by only allowing it "front and center stage" for brief moments. After a few moments, I pray and push those thoughts out of my mind - choosing instead to concentrate on living instead of the fear of dying.

There is residual fall-out from the hysterectomy, unfortunately. As I have a "little weight on my bones", I developed an abdominal hernia which has required 2 surgeries. They were both necessary to repair the hernia and clear the bowel obstruction. After 2 surgeries, the hernia has returned and I have since learned that bowel obstructions quite often happen in conjunction with abdominal hernias.

I have been hearing more and more about abdominal hernias as a result of hysterectomies. My surgeon has told me that I need to lose pounds and keep it off in order for the hernia repair to actually work. So while I made it through ovarian cancer, I still have another big hurdle to overcome.

Since my year bout with ovarian cancer, I have gone through it with 2 close friends and we are all three alive and well. This is the lesson that I have learned: Live. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Feel free to email me at: taxladysuz gmail. This has been so shocking and hard to understand.

Her treatment so far was only removal of the tumor which was on the right ovary, removal of implant on right tube and removal of 2 implants on peritineal wall. We are seeking opinions regarding removal of the right ovary and tube. I want to be aggressive to help prevent recurrance and protect her from invasive cancer, but the doctors of course want to save her fertility.

But since she is only 16, being a mother is many years away! Does anyone have any insight for us? I went to the doctors in early March after experiencing back pain, bloating and getting a period after a year. I thought these symptoms were all part of menopause. I was not all that shocked when I heard the word Cancer, but the stage upset me.

This only happens to other people…not me. I am now participating in a clinical trial. I just finished the first phase and starting the second phase. It involves IV and IP treatments. I am now on a 21 day cycle of avastin. I will finish up June My CT scans have been good. NED and CA has been below Life is good. I only have one piece of advice……. Listen to your body. As for hitting the big 50…….

I can't wait until 51!! They have said her ovaries and uterus are bulky but tumors have been found and her lymph nodes are slightly swollen in her back. She finally say gyn and did a biopsy this week. Can anyone offer some insight is this something we should be worried about as we are. A nurse PA had done my yearly physical July and dismissed my suggestion of a colonoscopy because I had one two years previously. I received Taxol and Carboplatin every three weeks for six treatments, finishing on January 31, My CA went from to 6.

In June of I was back feeling well and enjoying life. In November of my Ca gradually started rising. As of May 28, it is For the most part I feel well. My PET scan of July 1, show an enlarged lymph node compatible with recurrent neoplastic disease.

There is a ventral hernia containing a knuckle of small bowel but chest and abdomen is negative of additional neoplastic disease. I have read about Dicer and Doscha proteins and wonder if there is anyway to stimulate these to help fight disease. Also I am wondering about detox diets ie, kale and other veggie smoothies. What about the cyberknife?

I am concerned with quality of life and keeping costs down even though I have good insurance. If someone has input into my current situation I would be glad to entertain suggestions. Thanks for listening. I went to my doctor and he ordered a CT scan. It showed a large mass on my left ovary and I was scheduled to see an oncologist. Just that name scared me. The doctor explained what options I had depending on whether it was cancer and if it spread and at what stage it was. The biopsy showed that it was stage 1a.

I had a total hysterectomy and didn't require any chemo treatments. My surgeon told me "Someone was watching over you". He said that he doesn't see too many patients at stage 1a, they're usually more advanced. Also the tumor was attached to my back that's what was causing the back pain.

Like many others, I was not aware someone as young as me could get ovarian cancer. I went to the Gynecologist for the first time in my life because I was having discomfort in my abdominal area, especially when my bladder was full, and I figured at my age it was time to get checked out in case I would find Mr.

Right and decide to start a family someday. The doctor felt some masses in my pelvic region and sent me for a sonogram. At the time he did not tell me he felt anything. I found out I had a problem from the technicians and then confirmed it with the doctor. I was scheduled for surgery a month later. They did not know it was ovarian cancer until they did the surgery. Radiology procedures have come a long way since then. I had 6 treatments of chemotherapy 3 different medicines every 21 days , a biopsy surgery which was negative and two more treatments of chemo.

I'm now 48 years old, been married to my soul mate for the last 18 years, and happy to be alive. For those of you like me who were young when you were diagnosed and may not be able to have children of your own because of it, just focus on the fact that you are still here and take one day at a time.

Like me, you may find someone who is okay not having children or you can always adopt. I spend my time spoiling all my nieces and nephews. Even though it has been 26 years I still see the Oncologist and have the CA test and a pelvic and abdominal sonogram once a year.

Well last summer my mom just wasn't herself. She was quiet and subdued,and her energy wasn't the same. She has 3 grandchildren, 2 are mine and my brother has one; now ages 9 ,8 , and 4. She truly lives for them, she is a grandmother who gets down and plays with the kids all day. I had noticed that she seemed more tired. I thought, maybe she was just depressed. I even had asked her if she was happy,She just didn't seem herself.

Well in July She had thought that she had pulled a muscle,I said just go to the doctor. She didn't. She was never one to run to the doctor. My mom in the summer lives about 1 hour from me at a little lake house. Each week that I would go up there,she was looking more tired. I even had some friends comment that she didn't look herself. Finally her stomach started to blow up,it was also hard. She went to a md. Who ordered a Ct. She had gone to The Dr. All weekend I had a bad feeling I just knew it wasn't going to be good.

Well Monday August 17, came. Hours after her scan the Dr. She said give them to me over the phone……… they said it looks like you have ovarian cancer that had spread to the stomach…………………. Our world had just changed……. I went home and did a ton of research. Her and my dad moved in with My husband and our 2 kids… I wanted to take care of her.. Before her surgery they also discovered,she had an undiagnosed thyroid condition.

So surgery was put off. So she was started on chemo right away. Her first round of Chemo she ended up in the hospital with blood clots in both her lungs,she spent a week in the hospital,she had another round of chemo then on Oct 13th she had her surgery.

She had a fabulous surgeon. He cut her vertically about 12 to 16 inches long he removed her ovaries each had large tumors, her omentum her adrenal glad had a large tumor. In all she had 3 large tumors and 20 small ones He was very confident he got all visible signs of cancer. She contined with Chemo. I also got her to go to a MD. Who treats naturally So she got put a regiment with vitamins and suppliments,and she was receiving infusions with vit C,B's and magnesium… In January.

They said she is now in remission. Her and my Dad went to Florida for the winter and she had continued treatment down there. Both the Chemo and the Vitamin infusions and suppliments. It was very hard to watch my mom go through the suffering. Plus she is the type of person who feels like she was a burden on us. She is such a caregiver,so it was hard for her to be the one in need. I love My mom…this has been such a challenging time for all of us. She was stage 3c when she was diagosed.

Im trying not to worry about when it will come back. How soon? Will she have the strength to do it again? Will I have the strenth to support her? Its always in the back of my mind. I also wanted to say the vitamins and infusions definatly helped with her energy level. Im more into natural health than her. Trying to build up your immune system naturally. She worked full time in a sewing factory kept house for herself and our aging mother.

Took care of her grandson when he got home from school. She did lawn work, papered and painted her walls etc. Never drank or smoked. But she did have ovarian cysts and problems with her periods. She only got pregnant once even though she did nothing to prevent it. She complained about back pain which m. She state she had abdominal pain on both sides where her ovaries would be.

Her Gyn said nothing was wrong. Her primary care told her she was getting older and to slow down and that maybe it was her nerves. At 62 she was vomiting after most meals and her bowel habits were irregular. They told her that nothing was wrong and to relax. On she was in E. He diagnosed her as Ovarian Cancer stage Did her debulking and chemo treatments until she died at age Our beautiful, caring, loving sister, daughter, mom and nana was gone. Earlier diagnosis could have helped.

Why wsn't it recognized??? She did lwn work, papered and painted her walls etc. She complined about back pain which m. Her primary care told her she was getting older and to slow and that maybe it was her nerves. It was a shock! Pap and mammogram were good along wth the usual tests. In June, we went home for good to our home country, the Philippines.

I felt good,and I was slimmer. Then came Nov. I thought I was just having the "usual" loose bowels. I did not go to the doctor right away. Then one night, it was so painful, then I vomited. I decided to see a Gastroenterologist because I thought it was my stomach. He felt a mass in the lower left side of my abdomen. He sent for an ultrasound right away.

It was an 8 cm. I have had my uterus removed in , negative of any cancer. It was my left ovary. My oncologist advised that the mass be removed right away. I was scheduled for surgery two days after Nov. Pathology confirmed, it was a burst left ovary. My oncologist and surgeon removed my omentum, both ovaries and fallopian tubes.

My CA was A period of hours of daylight was provided. All experimental procedures were carried out based on the ethical guidelines for care and use of laboratory animals of Alexandria University. HG: rats undergone hysterectomy with ovarian preservation, UOG: rats undergone unilateral oophorectomy, BOG: rats undergone bilateral oophorectomy and CG: control sham operated female rats.

Using a sterile technique, a 3 cm pfenstien incision was performed and the procedures were carried out accordingly in each group. Blood samples: Whole-blood samples about 2 ml were collected from either the tail vein at day 0 and after one week or from inferior vena cava after one month about 5 ml. Throughout our study 11, rats died.

They were dissected immediately to discover the cause of death, most of which showed internal hemorrhage and pus collection on exploration. Behavioral tests Learning and memory tests one week and one month post-procedure: Novel object recognition test NOR is used to evaluate short term recognition memory.

The test is based on the tendency of rodents to spend more time exploring a novel object than a familiar one spontaneously [ 12 ]. Passive Avoidance task PAT is a fear-aggravated test used to evaluate learning and long term memory. Rats learn to avoid an environment in which an aversive stimulus a foot-shock was previously delivered. Initial latency and retention latency 24 hours later to pass the gate in order to avoid the stimulus is used as an indicator of learning and memory [ 13 ].

Also Histogram and QQ plot were used for vision test. For abnormally distributed data, Kruskal Wallis test was used to compare between different groups and pair wise comparison was assessed using Mann-Whitney test. To compare between the different periods Friedman test was applied and Wilcoxon signed ranks test. Significance test results are quoted as two-tailed probabilities.

Results FSH and E2 Menopause was successfully induced by the three used surgical methods as shown by FSH and E2 hormonal levels measured at day zero, one week and one month following the surgical procedure in all experimental groups. Results of BOG, UOG and HG revealed an increase in the FSH and a decrease in the E2 levels with progression of time, in a way that the levels varied significantly after one week in comparison to day zero and after one month in comparison to after one week in the above mentioned pattern.

On contrary, the levels of such hormones showed no significant difference across time in the sham operated control group Figure 1.

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