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Who kills tina on corrie betting line

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who kills tina on corrie betting line

Corrie killer revealed. Unlike EastEnders' whodunnit, viewers found out who pushed Tina off the roof straight away. But the shocks in Coronation. According to bookies though, Rob Donovan, played by Marc Bylis, is the prime suspect in the case with odds coming in a 1/3. Coronation street. "Shrewd punters have put two and two together, which has caused Maria's odds to collapse to be revealed as Tina's killer," said Labrokes'. ETHEREUM GENESIS FILE

Rob tried to get Carla to drop the subject, and on the run up to his wedding to Tracy asked her to be "best man" which she accepted. Deducing that Rob and Tracy's stories didn't add up, she confronted Rob believing he was covering for Tracy and that she'd killed Tina. Determined and frustrated, Rob told Carla that Tracy was innocent and admitted that she was out delivering dodgy goods with Tony. Not letting things settle, Carla could see that Rob was haunted and scared, working out he was the killer, which he eventually confessed to.

Rob told Carla that Tina was determined to send him back to prison, and that she sought to destroy Carla's happiness. When Carla attempted to leave the flat, Rob locked the door and took her phone, but seeing that Carla was terrified of him, gave back the phone and a sorrowful Rob told her that he would never hurt her. Carla told Rob to hand himself in, however Rob told her that they should keep it a secret as he had more to live for, and that if Peter was released he would most likely relapse and drink himself to death.

On the day of the wedding Carla called the police. Taking Rob into a separate room, a tearful Carla revealed that the police would be there any minute. Distraught and betrayed, Rob made a run for it and later in the day booked himself at the Woodland Park Guest House , upset at how his life had fallen apart. He contacted Tracy by payphone and she later arrived to meet him. Although angry at his actions and how things were falling apart, she eventually softened and they decided to run away together.

Stunned and distraught Rob allowed himself to be arrested. Despite a tearful Tracy's pleas that she didn't have a choice, Rob told her that she always had a choice. He was then taken away by police, leaving behind a broken Tracy.

Rob later confessed to killing Tina and was charged with her murder. He refused to allow Carla or Tracy to contact him. A month following his arrest, Rob was sentenced to twenty-five years in prison, which was for killing Tina and also allowing Peter to be wrongfully convicted of the crime.

He sent out a visiting order to Tracy, and revealed to his cellmate Ian Rigby how he had been unable to move on from his sister and ex's involvement in his incarceration. Tracy turned up to visit Rob and wondered why he had chosen to contact her after so much time, however Rob confessed to being angry at first but could never stop loving her.

Rob also falsely claimed that he didn't blame her for him being sent to prison, and before Tracy left he asked if she would come to visit him again, to which she agreed. Tracy also failed to mention that she was in a relationship with Robert Preston. It was clear at this point that Rob showed no love or care for Carla as he had done before, and didn't seem bothered that she was involved in a fire at her flat several months prior, showing that his time in prison had transformed him into a bitter and envious man.

When Johnny did turn up the next day, Rob revealed that he knew Johnny was Carla's biological father, as his mother had told him years ago and that Carla was born nine months after a one-night-stand between them. When asked by Johnny why he was targeting him, Rob revealed that he was "bored". Before Johnny left, he let slip that Tracy was in a relationship with her ex-husband Robert.

Tracy continued to visit Rob, where he told her that he could be getting released due to corruption from the officer in his case. Tracy relished the suggestion that she could have a future with Rob, again failing to mention that she was in a relationship with Robert.

Rob used a secret mobile phone to contact Robert, where he informed him that he would be sending him a visiting order. Robert agreed to visit Rob, where Rob told him of Tracy's planned infidelity. Robert was at first sceptical, but Rob was able to prove that Tracy had been visiting him. Tracy visited Rob a final time where he revealed that his potential release was a lie and he was actually manipulating her as revenge for ruining his life. Tracy attempted to physically attack him but she was dragged away.

Johnny, not wanting to succumb to Rob's blackmail, informed Carla himself that he was her real father. Johnny phoned Rob and told him his plan had failed. Carla later visited Rob who tried to carry on his blackmail by threatening to tell Johnny's son Aidan and daughter Kate about the one-night stand with Carla's mother.

The plan once again failed when Carla decided to tell them herself. Before leaving Rob, Carla told him that when he is released to never come looking for her. As his life was in danger, it was decided to transfer Rob to a more secure prison, however on route the prison van crashed into a river.

Although it wasn't initially known to the authorities if Rob was dead, he had survived the crash although badly injured. Rob made his way back to Coronation Street in hopes of finding Carla, however discovered that she was no longer living in the area. Rob skulked around the back ginnel and watched Tracy talking to her new boyfriend Luke Britton from afar. When Tracy headed to her shop, Rob approached her and convinced her to help him out. Tracy complied, and Rob went to squat in the abandoned premises of the V Court Fitness gym.

When Tracy was visited by the police informing her of Rob's escape, she decided not to inform her family. During the night of discovering Rob, Ken Barlow had been pushed down the stairs by an unknown assailant, which led to Tracy having to convince Luke to give her a false alibi as she couldn't reveal the truth about seeing Rob. Tracy continued to visit Rob at the abandoned gym in order to provide him with medication and supplies. She grew fed up and was wondering why she bothered helping Rob, however he convinced her not to dob him in again as it would be the end of him.

The following day Tracy visited Rob to give him more supplies, and he revealed he would be gone within a few days. Although Tracy was relieved, she admitted the two of them would have been amazing together. Over the course of the next few days, Tracy confided in Rob about her worries over Ken, and how she feared Amy was responsible for pushing him down the stairs and the effect police questioning was having on her.

Even though Rob dismissed her fears, Tracy believed she needed to lie to protect Amy. Rob then confided about his escape plan and apologised to Tracy for ruining everything. The pair then kissed and rekindled their romance. Tracy later declared that she wanted to go on the run so she could be with Rob. Whilst Rob was enthusiastic, he didn't want to bring Amy, as he feared she was too young.

Tracy was adamant, however, and went about getting money together to buy a car for the plan. Later on in the evening, feeling risky, Tracy and Rob went out into town for a drink, sleeping together at the end of the night. Once Tracy had bought the car, under the cover of darkness Rob got into the boot, and despite his protests, Tracy brought Amy with them, driving up to the Peak District. The plan was to wait for Rob's ex-con friend Tiggsy who would help them get to Scotland and from there abroad.

In the meantime, the three stayed in a cottage with Amy unaware that Rob was living in the attic. Eventually, Tracy and Amy were reported as missing and their faces appeared on the news. When Rob and Tracy saw this, they decided to leave. Unknown to them, Amy had walked into the nearby village and used a phone box to call her father Steve McDonald. With the police giving Steve questions to ask Amy, she revealed they were in the Peak District and that it was only the two of them.

The police then traced Amy's call and dispatched armed police to their location. When Amy got back, she found Tracy in Rob's arms, having persuaded her to go back to Weatherfield with Amy and leave him to go on the run alone, as he didn't want them to suffer. With the police sirens now audible, Rob grabbed his bag and ran. Tracy, however, had another idea. She put Amy in the car with Rob and told him to drive and that she'd stall the police.

After one last kiss, Rob departed, leaving Tracy to be arrested. She then told them she'd put Amy on the bus home and falsely confessed to pushing Ken down the stairs. Tracy was incarcerated and was due to appear in a hearing the next day. After driving for a while, the car broke down and Rob got out to fix it. There, Amy asked him if he was sorry for killing Tina. He responded by telling her he regretted it every day. When Rob told Amy that Tracy had confessed to attacking Ken, she was upset and angry, and stormed off.

Following her, Rob attempted to get a confession out of her, but Amy told him she did not attack her granddad and didn't know what he was talking about. Rob persuaded her to return to the car, where they talked for a while. Amy yelled at Rob to help her mum. After contemplating it, he returned Amy to Coronation Street and headed for the courtroom. Rob burst into Tracy's hearing demanding that she tell the truth. Whilst being dragged away by guards, Rob told them to check the CCTV footage of the night Ken was attacked, as it would show Tracy with Rob at the time the attack occurred.

Tracy retracted her earlier confession. Rob was questioned by DI Young, who wanted to know why he went on the run. The detective was somewhat sympathetic and said he'd do what he could for Rob. He let him and Tracy have ten minutes alone together.

He told her that he was to be transferred to Humberside and would have a stint in solitary confinement. After convincing Tracy Amy was innocent, the pair made love and said a final goodbye to each other. Personality "If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer" This article or section is unfinished. Please edit this article to fill in the missing parts and remove this message when done.

Relationships "If you've owt to say, spit it out before it flamin' well chokes yer" This article or section is unfinished. You can unsubscribe at any time. More info In shocking images released by ITV, the pretty brunette can be seen falling to her death from the edge of a roof, but, as usual, still begs the questions, who done it?

In the scenes, which are set to air later this month, Tina - played by Michelle Keegan - is shown looking worriedly into the distance on top of the Builder's yard, before seemingly being pushed to her death. However, show bosses have also released teaser images of all four murder suspects arguing with her on the same night - leaving viewers guessing as to who it could be. The loveable barmaid will be pushed off the roof, leading to her death [ITV] The soap will embark on a whodunnit storyline [ITV] The ex-con is the only suspect that has two reasons to kill the barmaid, including her rumbling his dodgy dealings with Tony and finding out about her secret affair with brother in-law Peter Barlow.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "The Corrie whodunit is reaching fever pitch. Fans will have to wait until the end of the month to find out who the killer is though, with all four endings having been filmed meaning even the cast are in the dark. Scenes will air on May 27 but that won't be the last TV fans see of actress Michelle Keegan, who has said she hopes to launch a career in the US - and is already trying to master different accents.

Speaking as viewers prepare for her final days on screen, she said she would like to have a crack at Hollywood, if only to stop her having regrets in later life.

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King said: "Carla has stuck by Peter through thick and thin and Tina has been her friend throughout it all - or so she thought. When she discovers the truth about Peter and Tina it will destroy her. When Carla is angry there is no stopping her, she will feel betrayed by both Tina and Peter. Advertisement "She knows Peter is a weak man, she won't forgive that but the betrayal by Tina is different. She has confided in her and relied on her to help with Peter and Simon.

Baylis says: "Ever since his brief fling with Tina, Rob has been very wary of her. He has managed to win Tracy back and their business is on the up, but he knows that Tina could bring it all crashing down. Advertisement "He has also had his suspicions about Tina and Peter and when he discovers the truth about their affair he is determined to make sure Tina doesn't tell Carla.

As much as Rob doesn't think Peter is good enough for his sister, now that he knows she is pregnant he wants her to be happy. If she refuses then who knows what could happen. He was sentenced to four months in Larchfield Young Offenders Institute. In May , Tina fell out with her mum and got sacked from her job at the pound shop for poor timekeeping. Tina moved into No. She also visited David while incarcerated and the pair got back together upon his release. Unfortunately, David's pettiness soon ended the relationship again.

Tina was furious to discover that David had been reading her e-mails to see what she had been saying about him to her friends. David tried to win her back by going out with Amber Kalirai to make Tina jealous. He was able to convince Tina to give their relationship another go. In October , Tina started work at newsagent The Kabin after quitting her job at the takeaway and formed a strong - if sometimes tedious - bond with Norris Cole and boss Rita Sullivan. Tina kept both jobs on. Later that year, Tina secured an unemployed David a job at her dad Joe's kitchen fitting business.

When the Windass family refused to pay for their new kitchen, Tina, David and Graeme Proctor ripped it out and burned it while the family were not at home. Gary Windass fancied Tina and persistently tried to flirt with her, winding David up. In , David punched Gary, who had been harassing him, however David was quickly on the receiving end of a beating. Again, David called upon Tina, the only witness, to lie to the police, to tell them that Gary threw the first punch.

Tina initially did so but as the court date got closer first the Windasses then Joe tried to persuade Tina to tell the truth. The pressure became too much and Tina left, returning only hours before court. In the middle of her testimony, Tina decided she couldn't lie for David and said that David started the fight.

The result was Gary being found not guilty. In the aftermath of the court case, Tina broke once again broke up with David. He subsequently found out that Joe had been putting pressure on Tina because he had a kitchen deal with Len Windass , which had saved his ailing business. Tina moved back into her mum's house. Both Tina and David were shocked and embarrassed by them and refused to acknowledge them as a couple.

Meanwhile, as Tina began to distance herself from the drama of the Platts, enjoying life as a single woman, Joe became severely depressed after a back injury left the already struggling kitchen fitter out of work and housebound. Unbeknown to Tina, Joe became reliant on his pain relief medicine and soon became extremely addicted to the substances.

David discovered Joe's secret drug addiction and manipulated it in order to blackmail Joe into persuading Tina to get back with him. As Tina rejected the idea, David became angry at Joe for failing and began cruelly withdrawing use of his drugs. As Joe became more addicted to them, his debts began to spiral out of control and he began to get threats from local villain and loan shark Rick Neelan. Joe's debts and addiction were revealed when he smashed into the Rosamund Street Medical Centre in order to gain possession of the drugs, much to horror of Gail and Tina.

Tina was relieved when Joe began to receive support for his addiction, though she was unaware that Rick was continuing to harass him for the money he owed him. Tina came into the firing line of Rick's attentions when he attempted to set fire to Tina's flat , however the flames were swiftly extinguished by local Lothario Jason Grimshaw. During , Tina began a relationship with Jason.

In December , a drunk Tina angrily left the Grimshaw household following an argument with her boyfriend, and met up with a handsome stranger in a bar. The pair got on well, and they kissed at the end of the night, although Tina backed away, feeling guilty. On Christmas Day, the stranger turned up at the Platts' Christmas dinner, where it was revealed that he was in fact Nick Tilsley. Tina was stunned to come face to face with him, although he promised to keep her secret.

Meanwhile, Joe and his new wife Gail had become embroiled in a scheme to fake Joe's death in order to cash in on the life insurance and pay off the debts he owned to Rick. Joe's plan went horribly wrong however when he did actually drown in the Lake District while carrying out his plan, leaving Gail as the prime suspect in his murder.

At first Tina had no idea of Joe's plan and believed Gail and David's lie that he was currently working in Cumbria , however she soon became suspicious when Joe did not contact for her birthday and then supposedly sent her flowers which he knew she didn't even like. Tina confronted Gail about Joe's whereabouts and she revealed that Joe had planned to fake his own death. Tina was stunned by her dad's madness but this shock turned to horror when Joe's body was discovered in Lake Windermere and she angrily blamed Gail for his death, believing that she murdered him in a fit of anger and then covered up her crime.

Jason was out of his depth in caring for devastated Tina, and she ended their relationship days later, unable to face him any more. Soon after her father's funeral, where she accused Gail of murdering her father publicly, Tina revealed to the police how Gail had tried to cover up Joe's absence and told them of her suspicions that her father had been murdered.

Soon after Tina's confession, Gail was arrested for Joe's murder. Tina was shunned by the Platt family and stood by her original statement at Gail's trail, supported by former neighbour Tracy Barlow who had been planted in Gail's cell by the police in order to get a confession. When Gail was found not guilty, Tina despaired and became a recluse. Unable to cope with the hole caused by her dad's absence, Tina stopped eating and socialising, with many of her neighbours believing that she had left Weatherfield to stay with her estranged mum.

It was only when Graeme looked after her once she had fainted, that people began to notice the effect that the grief had on her health. Tina and Graeme soon formed a strong bond - he began to cook her meals and she began to look to the future again. Over the autumn, David began to continually muscle in on Graeme and Tina's relationship and began to spend much of his time at their flat.

David became convinced that Tina wanted to restart a relationship with him, and one night pinned her to the sofa after telling her how good they were together. David immediately regretted his actions, and left her alone and scared in the flat. Over the next few days, Tina refused to let people touch her, and began to cover up all parts of her body.

As Graeme became more unnerved by her behaviour, she eventually revealed all to Graeme, causing Grame to attack David in the Rovers Return. Tina was desperate for her relationship with Graeme to remain stable and they agreed to ignore the incident. However, on a night out, Graeme was run over by David, who was found unconscious in the car afterwards. Tina was devastated as she waited for Graeme to pull through, and refused to believe that the act had not been done on purpose.

As David continued to insist that he was innocent, tests revealed that he could be forming epilepsy. When Graeme pulled through, he accepted David's version of events, much to Tina's horror. At David's trial, the reports showed that David had suffered an epileptic fit while driving the car with the whole thing deemed an accident.

Tina was angered by this development, but decided to draw up an awkward truce with Gail and David for the sake of her own happiness. Things continued to go well for Tina at the end of the year as she was offered a new job as a barmaid at the Rovers, with her first shift taking place on the same night on which The Joinery exploded across the Street, causing a tram to career onto the cobbles and destroy the Corner Shop and The Kabin.

Tina was horrified as she believed that Graeme was inside their flat at the time of the crash but was relieved when he re-emerged minutes later, having actually gone to see a friend beforehand. In when Tina discovered her old friend Xin Chiang may be getting deported back to China, she came up with a plan for Graeme to marry her. They began to stage arguments and a breakup to facilitate a fake romance between Graeme and Xin.

But over time, Graeme grew closer to Xin and they began an affair. When Tina found out, she was angry and threatened to expose Graeme and Xin - who were now married - telling the immigration authorities that their love wasn't genuine. However, Gail reminded Tina she had a part in it and it wasn't fair to put the blame on them. As Graeme and Xin left Weatherfield for London , Tina told him that she could never hate him despite him breaking her heart.

However, the pair split up a couple of months later, as Tina wasn't taken by Matt's snobbish friends and the fact he wanted her to better herself. A few months later Tina got together with Tommy after supporting him after the unexpected death of his grandfather Jeff Horton. Despite Terry being a lousy father to Tommy, Tommy bonded with Terry. It then turned out that Terry had borrowed money from none other than Rick Neelan, the man responsible for driving Tina's father to an early grave.

When Tina realised that Terry and Tommy planned to burn down the club for insurance purposes, she confronted Terry only to be knocked unconscious. Terry then fled with money that Tommy had borrowed from Tyrone Dobbs , leaving Tina and Tommy at mercy of Rick and his gang. Tommy found himself being forced to stash drugs at Websters' Auto Centre for Rick.

Having enough of Rick's schemes, Tina stole a bag full of drugs from him, which then led to Rick kidnapping Rita on her wedding day to Dennis Tanner. After a brief standoff with Rick at the canalside , the police arrived to arrest him with the help of Kirsty Soames. Tina briefly split from Tommy, however, they later reconciled. In August , Tina was stunned to discover that Kirsty had been abusing Tyrone when she spotted him treating his injuries in the garage.

The following month she attacked a heavily pregnant Kirsty, who then went into labour and gave birth to daughter Ruby. The residents then believed that Tina had a vendetta against Tyrone and Kirsty. In order to pay off Tommy's debts, Tina agreed to become a surrogate to Gary Windass and his girlfriend Izzy Armstrong , who were unable to have children.

Izzy's father Owen and Tina's boss at the Builder's Yard paid Tina for the surrogacy and she went ahead with the embryo transfer. Tommy split from Tina, unable to go through with her plans and moved in with Dennis and Rita. She gave birth to a baby boy in May however had a change of heart and wanted to keep the baby, planning to name him Joe. However, she eventually gave up the baby after seeing the pain she had caused the family. The baby was named Jake and shortly after the birth, Tommy and Tina got back together once again.

When David ended up being thrown out by Kylie - who discovered his sickening vendetta and his involvement in Nick's car crash - Tina allowed David to move in with her and Tommy. However, Tommy was fed-up with being treated second best, packed up his belongings, and began a new life in the Canary Islands.

A few weeks later, Tommy dumped Tina via text message, telling her that their relationship was over. Angrily, she threw David out of her flat. In November , Tina found herself growing close to Peter Barlow and became a nanny for his son Simon. Tina and Peter grew closer, with the couple sharing a kiss on Peter and Carla's wedding day. Over the next few months, Tina and Peter embarked on an affair. Tina briefly left the area in January however she returned after a few weeks in London.

In April she had a pregnancy scare, which turned out to be a false alarm.

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