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Crypto lawyer london

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crypto lawyer london

The practice handles blockchain, payment services and AI matters, and Burnie has significant experience in cryptocurrencies. Our specialist fraud solicitors provide expert legal advice and representation for individuals who have been the victim of a cryptocurrency scam. Blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralized finance ; Aaron Schumacher. Partner | New Haven, Greenwich · +1 ; Elliot Galler. Partner | New York · +1. HERALD SUN SPORTS BETTING ONLINE

It aims to be a secure and anonymous form of exchange. Transactions are tracked and protected by cryptography, which turns readable information into secure codes. As the digital currency market is not currently controlled by a bank or central organisation, this makes it attractive to businesses, especially startups, looking to launch or develop new projects free from stringent regulations. It is not surprising, then, that many companies are attracted to this funding solution as it offers enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

ICOs are fundraising campaigns in which businesses offer investors digital assets, known as tokens, instead of shares in the company. Under the unregulated cryptocurrency network, anyone can create a new token or ICO, meaning the potential for fraud, theft and disputes is high.

Indeed, there have already been court claims alleging missing tokens and fake cryptocurrencies. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer many advantages, it is important to be aware of the risks involved. As well as providing representation in contentious matters, we also provide expert advice to businesses and individuals considering virtual currencies to ensure they are well aware of and prepared for the associated risks.

When can a Cryptocurrency Dispute Arise? Disputes involving digital currency can occur in a number of situations. These include: where there is a breach of contract; where a claimant is trying to recover Bitcoins or access to a private key; where a criminal matter has occurred, such as fraud or money laundering; where a party is allegedly using digital currency to hide assets; where a party is allegedly concealing assets in the course of commercial litigation; where there is an issue of company or commercial law; and where there are intellectual property issues, such as patents.

The rapid growth in the area of digital currency means new legal issues are arising on a daily basis. Consequently, the scope for disputes is broad. Our Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Litigation Lawyers are well placed to assist with any contentious matter you may become involved in.

Selachii: a Niche Digital Currency Litigation Firm Due to the decentralised and international nature of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, disputes in this area are highly complex. It is, therefore, essential that if you are involved in a contentious matter of this nature, you are advised and represented by specialists in this field.

Businesses in the UK and abroad routinely seek advice from our firm on the legal aspects of digital currencies. Here at Selachii, we can help you navigate the challenges particular to litigation resulting from digital currency disputes, including working with judges who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, navigating the rules on evidence and finding expert witnesses.

We have experience representing clients in major, high-value digital currency cases. It is an ever-developing area, and Rahman Ravelli offers sophisticated and knowledgeable legal counsel to navigate this rapidly-evolving space. The fact that cryptocurrency does not adhere to borders, that its regulation is in its relative infancy and the risks it carries mean that anyone considering any involvement with it must be fully aware of its intricacies.

At Rahman Ravelli, our international experience means that we are ideally placed to offer the best advice, carry out the necessary checks, deal with the relevant enforcement agencies worldwide and assist whenever assets need to be traced and recovered.

While cryptocurrency and blockchain is still a relatively new concept from a regulation perspective, it has attracted the attention of enforcement agencies around the world. From email scams to ransomware, cybercrime can take many forms. In recent years, cryptocurrency has also become the preferred detergent for offenders looking to launder money.

Any company or individual that comes under investigation has to know how to respond — and must do so quickly. We at Rahman Ravelli have put ourselves at the forefront of representing those who believe they may have - or are accused of having - used cryptocurrency as a vehicle for wrongdoing Many may also find themselves wanting to recoup their cryptoassets as a result of wrongdoing which has been committed against them. Here at Rahman Ravelli, we employ a number of civil recovery instruments that are at our disposal to seek a return of the asset to the rightful owner.

We have seen first-hand how cryptoassets have been identified as being suitable for civil remedies including proprietary injunctions, freezing injunctions, bankers trust orders and Norwich Pharmacal orders. We also work closely with asset tracing companies to assist in the location of the cryptoassets to enhance the effectiveness of any orders we seek.

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