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Forex trading momentum indicator

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forex trading momentum indicator

The squeeze momentum indicator, otherwise known as "TTM squeeze," is a measure of relative volatility. It's a combination of two other. Momentum traders look to enter and exit positions quickly, therefore they often prefer markets with high liquidity, such as the forex market​ or share market​. The momentum indicator, also known as the Forex momentum meter, is a research tool that helps you determine the strength or weakness of the. INVESTING STRATEGY ARTICLES

You can also choose the colour and the type of the indicator line, fix the high or low. You can add more levels if you need them in the Levels menu. It is recommended to add level , so you will have the median indicator line. To add the needed level, you should click on the Add button and enter the corresponding value. After you specify and activate all necessary parameters, click on the OK button, and the momentum indicator will appear under the price chart, at the bottom of the MetaTrader terminal.

How to Apply Momentum in the LiteFinance terminal To enable the momentum oscillator in the LiteFinance trading terminal, follow the instruction below: 1. Sign in to your Client Profile. Click on the Trade tab in the left menu. Open the price chart of the needed trading instrument. Click on the Indicators menu in the price chart.

Enter Momentum in the search bar, and select the Momentum Oscillator in the list on the right. Close the indicator list and you will see that the momentum has appeared under the price chart. To configure the momentum parameters, click on the gears icon on the left of the indicator name. The momentum calculation formula on the LiteFinance terminal is the classic one. It means that the indicator readings will be bigger than 0 or less than 0, depending on the ongoing trend.

The centreline is added in the following way: 1. In the drawing menu in the toolbar on the left of the Chart window, choose the Horizontal line. Draw the centre line yourself directly in the indicator window, setting it to level 0. How to Measure Stock Momentum on Forex? To reduce market noise, technical analysts usually use the momentum indicator with period 21 in the daily timeframe.

This number of periods allows measuring a short-term trend that usually continues during a month. I want to explain how to measure momentum, so I deleted the prices of the index itself from the figure to display only the momentum chart. Let us see how to calculate stock momentum. Once the price movement becomes impulsive speeds up , the bullish or bearish trend accelerates, the momentum line purple goes away from the zero line black. And vice versa, the index must have been falling along with the downward movements of the Momentum below the zero level.

In late December , momentum started rising, and the stock index price was also growing and hit a new high of If they do not move in sync, there is a non-standard situation. Momentum Trading Strategies There are several profitable strategies to trade with the Momentum indicator. They could be used independently or combined together. The choice of the trading platform or a trading instrument will not affect the Momentum trading performance. Momentum breaks through level This is quite a simple Momentum trading strategy that suggests entering a trade when the indicator breaks through level The period to trade in the daily timeframe is The strategy is employed in the trending market.

Rules to trade: Identify the current trend visually or using trend indicators. If the trend is up, the Momentum indicator should break out level upside to send a buy signal. If the trend is down, the Momentum line should break out level downside to send a sell signal. A stop loss is set above the previous local high or below the previous local low depending on the trade direction.

You exit a trade when the indicator line breaks through the previous local high or low. The second option to exit a trade is to take the profit when the momentum indicator deviates by a significant value. Momentum and Moving Average To filter the Momentum signals, many traders like to add the Moving Average to the indicator. In this case, an entry signal appears when the Momentum line crosses the Moving Average.

Momentum indicator entry and exit signals: A buy signal is when the Momentum crosses the MA from the bottom up. A sell signal is when the Momentum crosses the MA from the top down. When the Momentum is applied together with the MA, level is not used. A trade is exited when the Momentum significantly deviates. Momentum as an Oscillator You can use the Momentum indicator as an oscillator if you reduce the Period value. In this case, the indicator will often cross level and move close to the indicator window borders.

When the Momentum is close to the window borders, it will signal that the market is overbought or oversold. How to use Momentum oscillator The Momentum period is 3 When the Momentum significantly deviates up, there is a sell signal. When the Momentum significantly deviates down, there is a buy signal. The Momentum Oscillator trading strategy works well when there is no strong trend in the market or when the market trading momentum is exhausting.

As the Momentum amplitude is not limited, you will have to identify the overbought and oversold levels for each traded instrument yourself, based on historical data and the period specified in the settings. It requires some experience and understanding of the current market opportunities.

Momentum as trend indicator The Momentum indicator can identify a trend if the period is quite high. To determine a short-term trend up to one month the period of 21 is suitable. In this case, will be a trend indicator.

Note: you should choose the period value yourself for each particular asset and its volatility. Traders most often use the following periods: 10, 14, 20, or How to read the Momentum trend indicator: If the indicator line is above level and is breaking through its local highs, the trend is up. If the indicator is below level and is breaking through the local lows, the trend is down. The trend strength is determined by the rate of the line deviation from level The greater is deviation the stronger is the trend.

Divergence A good entry signal is the divergence between the price chart and the momentum indicator. Divergence means that the price chart and the indicator are moving in opposite directions. To identify a divergence in the bullish market, you need to draw a line along with the most recent highs in the price chart and do the same with the indicator.

Divergence appears when these two lines go apart. The wider is the divergence, the stronger is the signal. To identify divergence it is sometimes called convergence in the bearish market, you need to draw a straight line along with the lows in the price chart and in the indicator chart.

When the lines come closer to each other, there is divergence. The narrower is the distance between the lines, the stronger is the signal. As you see from the above Brent Crude Oil chart, there are four signals of divergence during the period from March to February The first buy signal appeared after the price broke through the previous low, but the momentum indicator only reached its previous low.

In this case, the two lines started moving to each other convergence. In the second and the third cases, the price was corrected down each time after the price set another important high, but the indicator reached only the previous high, going slightly above.

In the fourth case, the Brent price made another high, and the Momentum made a lower high. This was a strong signal, and the price went down significantly. When you trade divergence signals, you should also analyse the situation on longer timeframes. The test results report showed that during strong trends, momentum divergence can give a false signal, so such signals should be supported by additional technical analysis tools, indicators, price action patterns, and factors of fundamental analysis.

The key support and resistance levels will also be a helpful tool when trading divergence. The Bollinger Bands could serve as an additional filter to enter or exit trades. The average daily volatility of the instrument ATR was 62 pips in March Set the indicator period so that the Momentum will serve as an oscillator. Most traders set a period of 3 in this case. For other instruments, the period may be changed, everything depends on the volatility and features of the trading instrument, so, this moment needs tests.

The lows are made in the zone of In the above example, the overbought zones are highlighted in red. The oversold zones are highlighted in blue. Upon reaching these zones, the price was rising, as the market was oversold, and more favourable prices were needed to enter new trades. The overbought and oversold zones in the market give the trader an idea of where the price can be stopped and a reversal, or at least a correction, can occur.

Waning momentum suggests that the market is becoming exhausted and may be due for a retracement or reversal. An accelerating momentum condition suggests that the trend is strong and likely to continue. Many momentum trading techniques such as a breakout of a recent range relies on this idea of accelerating momentum.

The Momentum indicator in forex is a very versatile indicator and can be used in several different ways. It can be utilized as a trend confirmation signal, as well as a trend reversal signal. For example, in a trending environment, we would want to consider continuation signals, while in a range bound market, we would want to consider Mean Reversion type signals.

We will take a closer look at this in the later sections. But for now, it is important to keep in mind, that the Momentum trading indicator provides useful information in both range bound markets , and trending market conditions. The Momentum indicator consists of a single line, however, many traders also prefer to add a secondary line on the indicator which acts to smooth the signals. The second line is typically an X period Moving Average of the Momentum indicator.

A popular setting for the X period look back is 9, 14, or Keep in mind that the shorter the X period setting is, the more noisier the signal can be, which can lead to false signals. Longer period inputs for the X setting will result in better quality signals, however, the signals will tend to occur much later.

Typically, the MT4 Momentum indicator will be displayed in a separate window at the bottom of the chart panel. Most charting software programs use momentum indicator settings of 10 or 14 for the input value. Momentum Indicator Signals The forex momentum oscillator helps identify the strength behind price movement.

We can use momentum to pinpoint when a market is likely to continue in the direction of the main trend. In addition, the momentum study can help us to identify situations when the price action is losing steam so that we might prepare ourselves for a potential trend reversal. The three primary signals that the Momentum indicator provides is the Line Cross, the Moving Average Cross, and the Divergence signal.

We will go through each of these signal types in the following section. When price moves from below the Line and crosses it to the upside, it indicates that prices are moving higher and that you may want to trade from the bullish side. And similarly, when price moves from above the Line and crosses it to the downside, it indicates that prices are moving lower and that you may want to trade from the bearish side.

Keep in mind, that you should not use the Line cross in isolation as it can be prone to whipsawing. The point is to keep an eye out for where price is in relation to the Line and use other filters to find the best entry opportunities. For example, in an uptrend, you may want to wait for prices to pullback to or below the line from above, and enter after price crosses back above the line.

You could filter that condition with something such as a 3 bar breakout for entry. Take a look at the chart below which illustrates this: Crossover Signal As we noted before, you can add a second line to the Momentum Chart Indicator. The length of the moving average could be whatever the trader chooses, but a common setting is a 10, 14, or 21 period moving average. You must have both the Momentum line and the MA line plotted in order to utilize the crossover signal.

The basic idea is to buy when the momentum line crosses the Moving average from below, and sell when the momentum line crosses the Moving average from above. This by itself would be a very rudimentary application, but we can enhance these types of signals by taking trades only in the direction of the underlying trend or taking signals only after an Overbought or Oversold condition has been met.

Momentum Divergence Signals Momentum Divergence is a very simple but powerful concept in technical analysis. A bullish divergence occurs when prices are making lower lows, but the Momentum indicator or other oscillator is making a higher lows. On the same line of thinking, a bearish divergence occurs when prices are making a higher high, but the Momentum indicator or other oscillator is making a lower high. This dichotomy or divergence provides early clues to the trader of weakening momentum which could lead to a price retracement or a complete trend reversal.

Momentum divergences tend to occur at market extremes where prices have pushed too far, and like a rubber band effect, it needs to revert into a value area. Divergences work well in range bound market conditions. But during strong trending markets , divergences will tend to give many false signals along the way.

And so, it is important not to use divergence in isolation. Understanding what is occurring on the larger time frame is often very helpful in filtering out low probability trades. Looking for key support and resistance areas and using that as a backdrop to lean on a divergence setup can increase your odds of a winning trade substantially.

During a trending market condition, you can also look for a pullback where price action is diverging from the Momentum indicator. A divergence trade setup that is aligned with the overall trend is likely to provide a higher success rate, than bucking a strong trend and trying to pick a top or bottom. When attempting a counter trend trade with momentum divergence, it is important that you have additional evidence that a trend reversal is likely.

No matter how far a market has extended or how good a counter trend divergence signal looks, it could very well be a false signal, and the market could continue to trend. The first example below occurs within a range bound market. Take note on the far right of the chart, price action makes a higher high and the Momentum Oscillator makes a lower higher.

This is a good quality divergence setup that occurs within a range bound market condition. On the chart above, you will notice that price is in a strong downtrend. There are three Momentum divergence signals noted on the chart. All three proved to be false signals as price action continued to trend to the downside. This should make you think twice about trading divergences during strong trends.

Trading Strategy using Momentum Indicator By now you should have a good understanding of what the Momentum indicator is, how it is constructed, and some of the trading signals that it provides. We will now shift our focus and discuss some trading strategies that we can use when trading with Momentum. We have already outlined the details of the divergence pattern, so now I will briefly explain what a Zig Zag Pattern is.

It consists of three waves — A, B, and C. Wave A is the initial wave of the pattern, which is retracement by the second leg, Wave B. The final wave, Wave C, moves in the same direction as Wave A and must extend beyond it. Firstly, what we are looking for is an overall trending market. Secondly, we want to see a Zig Zag correction within that trending market. And then, finally we want to wait to see if a divergence formation occurs within the Zig Zag pattern.

If we can confirm the divergence between the Momentum indicator and price, then that will be our trade setup.

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