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Utility pole distance between places

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utility pole distance between places

In no case shall the face of the utility poles be located closer than feet from the face of the curb or the gutter line. (c) The distance between utility. They are typically spaced about. There may be about 18 to 20 poles in 1 km distance. · * m /20 poles=50 metre * m/19 poles= metre · So, the distance between two electric poles on a. POWER BANK A5 INDICATOR FOREX

For more information, check out our Privacy Policy. Consider the following situation: A utility company receives a request from another company to rent space for attachments on several hundred utility poles. In addition, pole owners have a limited amount of time to make these determinations due to potential penalties for not responding to attachment requests in a timely manner.

Determining ownership and pole capacity after a request is made takes too long and costs too much, but accepting the attachments without the data verifying sufficient capacity of the pole can lead to potential future public safety problems and the costly replacement of downed utility poles.

This is just one scenario that illustrates the importance of utility pole data, and while there are many different types of work processes that require the use and access to data, the following four facts are important to a wide range of utility pole operational and maintenance events. These latitude and longitude coordinates of a utility pole pinpoints the exact location of the pole, making it easy to translate this data into a digital map.

These digital maps, in turn, can improve crew dispatching. For example, in the case of an emergency, field asset records readily accessible can help determine which utility crew is closest when trucks are equipped with GPS receivers so workers can be sent to the appropriate location quickly, reducing outage times. Utility Pole Measurements — Pole measurements, including height, diameter and load, must be available for many situations, including responding to attachment requests, as outlined above.

In southern Switzerland along various lakes, telephone poles are made of granite. Starting in the early s, these foot 5 m poles were originally used for telegraph wires and later for telephone wires. Because they are made of granite, the poles last indefinitely. The vertical space on the pole reserved for this equipment is called the supply space. Power is transmitted using the three-phase system, with three wires, or phases, labeled "A", "B", and "C". Sub transmission lines comprise only these 3 wires, plus sometimes an overhead ground wire OGW , also called a "static line" or a "neutral", suspended above them.

The OGW acts like a lightning rod, providing a low resistance path to ground thus protecting the phase conductors from lightning. A delta system requires only a conductor for each of the three phases. A grounded-wye system requires a fourth conductor, the neutral , whose source is the center of the "Y" and is grounded. However, "spur lines" branching off the main line to provide power to side streets often carry only one or two phase wires, plus the neutral.

A wide range of standard distribution voltages are used, from 2, V to 34, V. On poles near a service drop , there is a pole-mounted step-down distribution transformer to transform the high distribution voltage to the lower secondary voltage provided to the customer. In Europe and most other countries, V three phase Y service drops are used. The transformer's primary is connected to the distribution line through protective devices called fuse cutouts.

In the event of an overload, the fuse melts and the device pivots open to provide a visual indication of the problem. They can also be opened manually by linemen using a long insulated rod called a hot stick to disconnect the transformer from the line. The pole may be grounded with a heavy bare copper or copper-clad steel wire running down the pole, attached to the metal pin supporting each insulator, and at the bottom connected to a metal rod driven into the ground.

Some countries ground every pole while others only ground every fifth pole and any pole with a transformer on it. This provides a path for leakage currents across the surface of the insulators to get to ground, preventing the current from flowing through the wooden pole which could cause a fire or shock hazard.

A surge arrester also called a lightning arrester may also be installed between the line ahead of the cutout and the ground wire for lightning protection. The purpose of the device is to conduct extremely high voltages present on the line directly to ground. If uninsulated conductors touch due to wind or fallen trees, the resultant sparks can start wildfires. To reduce this problem, aerial bundled conductors are being introduced. Communication cables[ edit ] The communications cables are attached below the electric power lines, in a vertical space along the pole designated the communications space.

Coaxial or optical fibre cables linking computer networks are also increasingly found on poles in urban areas. The cable linking the telephone exchange to local customers is a thick cable lashed to a thin supporting cable, containing hundreds of twisted pair subscriber lines. Each twisted pair line provides a single telephone circuit or local loop to a customer. There may also be fibre optic cables interconnecting telephone exchanges. Like electrical distribution lines, communication cables connect to service drops when used to provide local service to customers.

Other equipment[ edit ] Utility poles may also carry other equipment such as street lights , supports for traffic lights and overhead wires for electric trolleys , and cellular network antennas. They can also carry fixtures and decorations specific for certain holidays or events specific to the city where they are located. Solar panels mounted on utility poles may power auxiliary equipment where the expense of a power line connection is unwanted. Streetlights and holiday fixtures are powered directly from secondary distribution.

Pole attachment hardware[ edit ] Standard arrangement for telephone poles The primary purpose of pole attachment hardware is to secure the cable and associated aerial plant facilities to poles and to help facilitate necessary plant rearrangements. An aerial plant network requires high-quality reliable hardware to Structurally support the distribution cable plant Provide directional guying to accommodate lateral stresses created on the pole by pole line configurations and pole loading configuration Provide the physical support and protection for drop cable plant from the pole to the customer premises Transition cable plant from the aerial network to underground and buried plant Provide the means for safe and effective grounding, bonding, and isolation connections for the metallic and dielectric components of the network.

In Europe, insulators usually were attached directly at the pole. The traditional wood pole material provides great flexibility during placement of hardware and cable apparatus. Holes are easily drilled to fit the exact hardware needs and requirements. In addition, fasteners such as lags and screws are easily applied to wood structures to support outside plant OSP apparatus. Non-wood poles There are three main non-wood pole materials and structures on which the attachment hardware may be mounted: concrete, steel, and fiber-reinforced composite FRC.

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