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Bitcoin mjenjacnica

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bitcoin mjenjacnica

Bitcoin Store kripto mjenjačnice. Prve fizičke mjenjačnice za kriptovalute u Europi. Poslovnice su dostupne u Zagrebu, Rijeci i Splitu. Mjenjačnica Zagreb posluje u sedam mjenjačnica novca na području Zagreba od istoka prema centru grada pa sve do zapadnog dijela Zagreba. Buy and sell bitcoins with trader bitcoin-mjenjacnica. Information on bitcoin-mjenjacnica. Trade volume. + BTC. Number of confirmed trades. BESTBETTING ODDS COMPARISON

In such a case, the user accepts to have requested an exchange of the actual sum of the cryptocurrency for fiat money If the cryptocurrency payment amount carried out by the user is greater than the amount listed in the buyback coupon, HP shall pay the user only the amount of fiat money listed in the buyback coupon. For a refund of the excess amount paid, users can contact EC, which will refund the excess amount deducted by fees and expenses.

In such a case, the user accepts to have requested a buyback of fiat money in the amount listed in the buyback coupon. Sales transaction mechanism To carry out a sales transaction: you must initiate a sales transaction using the Request to carry out a transaction to pay in an amount of fiat money for which you will receive an equivalent value of cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet that you determine based on the exchange rate determined by EC. EC will inform you about the completion of the blockchain transaction using the email address you provided for sales transaction purposes.

RISKS If EC is unable to receive the cryptocurrency to its crypto wallet for any reason, or HP is unable to receive the fiat currency, the transaction will be canceled and annulled and Parties shall not be liable for deductions arising from transaction cancellation. If a transaction is canceled for whatever reason, we are only required to refund the nominal value of the received amount based on the annulled transaction and we shall not be liable for any deductions thereof.

We reserve the right to deny processing or annulling any pending transaction in accordance with the law or as a response to a court warrant or any other request by governing bodies. We cannot annul any transaction if it is irreversible, in accordance with Articles 2.

Please bear in mind that cryptocurrency transfer may not be real-time. Upon initiating a blockchain transaction, the transfer will not be confirmed for some time. The transfer remains incomplete until the blockchain transaction collects enough blockchain confirmations, as listed in the buyback or sales coupon. The risk of loss due to the holding of cryptocurrencies can be significant: the price or value of cryptocurrency can increase or decrease fast. You accept the risk of delaying the transaction for any reason, force majeure, malfunction of the computer system or the internet, etc.

You also accept that we are not liable for any damage of procedures arising from or related to such a delay. You are responsible for the coupon from the moment you receive it, regardless of transaction success. You are required to make sure it does not come to unauthorized persons.

You guarantee their truthfulness under criminal and financial liability. All information you provide is subject to revision and confirmation by our independent associates. For more about his, read Privacy policy terms. All persona information you provided shall be stored for a period as prescribed by the law. They are archived and recorded. Based on compulsory legal regulations and acts, we may refuse to provide the Service.

If we are indebted, we can in accordance with internal acts or other enforced regulation: i disable user activity, ii block and withhold any cryptocurrency or fiat money in the way prescribed by competent authorities.

We are not liable for any direct or indirect losses resulting from our adherence to the enforced regulation, guidelines, or instructions by any regulatory body or competent state authority, or any official letter, the law of lien, fees, court warrants, and others if regulated by enforced regulation or non-legislative acts. Due to numerous factors included in our assessment of a transaction, we reserve the right to reject any request for a transaction or restrict a transaction for any reason, if we deem it necessary.

The highest amount of a cryptocurrency a user can exchange during any hour period is the equivalent value of 14, All transactions exceeding said Limit within a hour period will be denied. You may not reveal your information to any other person. You are liable for all transactions that use your information You are liable for maintaining an adequate level of security and control of all applications, passwords, advice, personal identification numbers PINs or any other codes use in the Service.

TAXES Sale of cryptocurrencies can be subject to fees and taxes in accordance with enforced regulation. You are liable for collecting, reporting, and paying taxes to competent tax authorities. In case a technical problem causes errors in our system, we can temporarily restrict access to the Service. You are forbidden to act as mediator or arbitrator on behalf of third parties when using the Service. HP will direct users wishing to file a complaint to EC, complaints related to collection and entry of user data, and payments of fiat money cash will be handled by HP.

These Terms which can be amended comprise a legal agreement that binds you and persons you have authorized via a power of attorney. Croatian law applies to these Terms and transactions. A local court is competent for disputes arising from these Terms.

You may not transfer this Agreement, any part thereof to another person via a contract or in any other form. Delays by one party in terms of realizing all rights and legal means pertaining to these Terms or Agreement shall not be seen as waiver thereof and shall not prevent the execution of such rights. Also, failure by any Party to use the rights or legal means in accordance with these Terms in a single case does not waive the right to use the rights or legal means in another case.

The protection of your privacy in the processing of your personal data is an important concern to which we pay special attention during our business processes. Privacy Policy Required Personal data collected during visits to our websites are processed by us according to the legal provisions valid for the countries in which the websites are maintained. Our data protection policy is also based on the data protection policy applicable to citycenterone. They make navigation easier and increase the user-friendliness of a website.

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Bitcoin mjenjacnica set up your own cryptocurrency bitcoin mjenjacnica

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